I don’t think I had time to even breathe today……wowww  busy, busy, busy day…..starting at 5:45 when I got up…..gym….shower…got ready super quick….and work from 8:30 to 5:30 straight throughhhh….. work was quite chaotic today….things to do flying at me left and right!  But in the end, I prefer being swamped than having absolutely nothing to do.  


I did have a chance to inhale my lunch while at the computer…..part of which consisted of yummy baked sweet potato circles and eggplant sticks that I had leftover from Monday night dinner…..


Also speaking of Monday…..

I finally saw Casey and Mark last night!  : )  We went out for some coffee and dessert at a local bar by me and caught up about their trip to Florida and our upcoming plans to Boston for the Healthy Living Summit!!!! Can’t wait!

Also, they brought me back presentssss!  : )  Love them!!!!!  My new Mickey Mouse plate, bowl, and water bottle!  How cute!  Thanks guys!



So back to today…..when I got home I was mentally drained….and physically tired too….and did notttt feel like making anything whatsoever……so dinner was basically snacking…..a piece of cheese, a mini cucumber and some hummus, and this random assortment that I just finished on my new Mickey kitchenware!

A Kashi waffle with Smart Balance crunchy PB and some all natural raspberry jam, along with a few dried cherries, and some fresh ones…


Well, I have a million little things to do….so I better get going!

Ahhh!  I can’t wait for the summit!  We just booked hotel room and flight/train tickets!!! : ) 


Catch you all later!


– Ania