Hello everyone!! Just wanted to let blog world know that I am indeed alive and did not get persuaded by Mr. Mouse (I just call him Mick since we’re such good friends) to stay in Florida with him and live in Cinderella’s castle. What can I say, rodents have a thing for me, and Minnie can’t hold a flame to what I got.  Which is this.


Yeah, I know. Attractive, mature, and appropriate all at the same time.

So the good news is – I’M BACK! The bad news is, I have no pictures to show you and no magical recap because I should be given less responsibilities than a two year old with ADHD., and have lost the camera charger. I say “the” instead of “my” because it actually belongs to Mark and he is not extremely happy that in addition to stealing his camera, I have lost the tool that he needs to use it.

Great. I will be back very soon! Even if it means forking over a few bucks for a new charger. =( In the meantime, I’ll be posting random things here and there about whatever topic comes to mind at the time. God help us all.

See ya soon!