Hello all!

The Mets won last night against the Arizona Diamondbacks 9 -6.   It was the first game that I have been to this entire season…and the first game at the new CitiField stadium, so I’m glad it was a win!  : ) 

A whole group of us from college went together, and although our seats were up pretty high, it was a really fun game/get together!  Here are a few photos!


                                    The whole gang!


      I think this is my favorite picture of the night! hahaha…. celebration George Roach style!  


This morning consisted of sleeping in until 10ish after a long night, a good workout at the gym, a longgggg shower, and some typical “to -do” things……so by 3pm I was starvinggggg!

I made a yummmmmy omelet:  2 cage free eggs, a stalk of celery and a carrot stick chopped up, a hunk of cheddar, and some all natural parm/romano cheese sprinkled in there……it fell apart somewhat, but it was DELICIOUSSSSSSS!



And I currently just finished a delish concoction of small mashed banana, a few Kashi hearts and O’s, and a scoop of Smart Balance chunkyyyy (just opened – so it was veryyyyy chunky at the top!) peanut butter:


Ahhh I feel much better!  : )   


On a different note…..Mark just cut his finger open really badly on a broken wine glass….so Casey and Mark are at the hospital : /


I have yet to see my Doublescooped partner in crime!  : (   We have soooooooooooooooooo much catching up to do!  



Alrighty everyone, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  I am pretty tired, so the rest of the day will be devoted to relaxinggggg!  : )


– Ania