August 2009

Ehhhh Monday……I slept like a rock last night….but was still exhausted when I got up…..

Spin class was goood – the soundtrack to our workout was basically all Michael Jackson lol

Work went pretty well for the most part…….I started the day with a veryyyy juicy peach and Stonyfield’s low-fat, blueberry, organic yogurt – which I never had before and really enjoyed….


Lunch rolled around and I had a sandwich with cilantro jalepeno hummus and cucumber slices:


And some leftover cucumber on the side with a split hunk of cheddar & habanero pepper cheese! Mmmm!


I snacked on a few almonds & raisins before I left for home…….

Well…..when I did get home I told myself if I don’t do it now, it will just continue to pile up, and since I cleaned my whole room & closet yesterday, I found it deep within to do my massive, dreaded, mound of laundry…..

For all those of you who don’t have to lug your dirty clothes to and from a laundromat and pay $5 bucks for one load – I’m jealous! I miss having my own washer & dryer!!!

I didn’t really make a legit dinner due to A.) Going back and forth to the laundromat to switch from washer to dryer, etc… annoying and totally prevents you from being able to dedicate time to something else – because if you dare leave your stuff in a washer or dryer for 30 seconds or more after it’s done – someone is bound to get impatient and take it out….which I hate…..and also B.) for some reason but stomach wasn’t feeling the best tonight…..

So considering these two factors I made a PB & TJ blackberry jam sandwich……which I ate in the 25 minute block of time between transferring my clothes from washer to dryer…..


Then my mommy came! She was in the area and swung by to say hello quickly – when I noticed she had a flat tire! : (

Luckily, a nice random man was so helpful and came over and changed the tire! : ) Good thing I noticed before my mom went onto the highway with a flat! : /

Well, she brought me a small bag of goodies: cucumbers and squash from the garden back home, some dried cherries & cranberries, frozen cherries & blueberries, & Kashi bars! : ) Thanks mom! : ) XOXO

Unfortunately, due to a three or so hour trip back and seeing that it was already late due to the tire dilemma, my mom’s visit was quite short……

I’m currently typing this entry and snacking on a small portion of organic baked beans and a raw carrot, and out of the corner of my eye I see the mound of now clean laundry waiting to be put away… I should get on that!

My question to YOU ALL isssssssssssss…….

I bought some extra firm tofu yesterday, and would love some simple but delicious recipe ideas…….I would LOVE to get some good recommendations!!!! I’d like to make something new this week – and I’ve never made a tofu dish before : )


– Ania


So this morning marked the first day of the Fall Semester of my Junior year of college. Woo does time fly. I am currently writing to you from the Hunter College cafeteria, where it seems most students are enjoying either french-fries, chicken nuggets, or sushi for breakfast. I will never understand some people’s eating patterns.

Now, you may be wonder why I am sitting in the cafeteria instead of in class. No, I am not one of those bad-ass kids from high school who sat in the caf playing cards – I was the nerd in Chemistry class making INDEX cards and struggling to get by in science. But anyway, Astronomy Lab is scheduled to start at 9:10 AM. So, the previously mentioned nerd was standing outside of the classroom door at 9:00 am. Only to find out lab was cancelled.

My next class is at 11:10 a.m. Womp. womp. womp. Anyway, I’m enjoying a nice cup of coffee, actually functioning internet, and a strangely comforting view of a dreary, rainy, New York City day.

Breakfast was quick and painless (the exact opposite of my morning)…


Puffins with half a sliced banana and some skim milk – in my favorite bowl  ever that my mom made me in pottery class!

I am VERY excited for class at 11:10 because it’s Creative Writing. I have been wanting to take this class since before I started college. So let’s hope it works out well.

To end this morning’s post, I would like to share with you the mass Facebook message I just sent out to 15 of my family members on my father’s side. In short, my dad has a facebook, spelt his name wrong, and has no idea what he’s doing.


Hello everyone!

Just thought everybody would like to know, that today I went on my father’s facebook page (never thought I would say "my father" and "facebook" in the same sentence) and noticed something interesting.

Besides the fact that he is still a man of mystery, with no picture or information, as well as using the alias "Peterc", what amused me most was his friends.

He has many friends, a good many compared to my ancient brothers, Michael and David (no, not Michaelc or Davidc). But, besides having so many said friends….I am not one of them. And all of you (pretty much) are.

I requested him 3 months ago.

So, the long and short of this, besides saying hello! and letting all of my wonderful family know I am alive and well besides the realm of the Facebook world, is a campaign for all of you fantastic relatives to get my father to add me as a friend on facebook.

So go ahead – message him, write on his wall, "Poke him", or take a real risk and actually call him on the phone.
Remember though, if you’re looking for him, don’t forget the "c" after "Peter". He is, after all, a man of mystery…and clearly not of technology.

Thanks, love you, and miss you all,




I hope everyone has had a fab weekend!

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty bummed Friday night about not getting the apartment : /

But like I said, there must be something better waiting for me – everything happens for a reason!

The rest of Friday was low key… friend Lindsey came to crash at my place since she was working at Arthur Ashe Kids Day in Flushing the next day….so we just hung out and actually went to bed pretty early…..

Linds left pretty early Saturday morning, and I managed to go back to bed for an hour or so……however when I did get up it was still quite early before my spin class so I had this bar for pre-class fuel:


It was similar to an Amazing Grass bar basically…….another blogger at the HSL summit was giving these out : )

After an awesome class and some boxing……..the rest of Saturday I spent at Studio Square for my friend Jennifer’s birthday : )

This place has great outdoor space – and GREAT sangria on tap! Note the awesome pitcher of sangria in the below pic!





It was a good time – and I ended up seeing a bunch of other friends that I hadn’t seen since last summer, who were also at Studio Square celebrating birthdays : )

Lindsey came back and we both passed out before midnight – well I know I did for sure (thanks sangria – I can always count on you knock me out and give me a good nights sleep! hah)

This morning I headed off to spin again (clearly I love spinning if you haven’t caught on!), came home and showered, made phone calls, etc….and when I was finally done around 1 or so….I was STARVING……..seeing that sangria was basically dinner last night : / and I went straight to the class this morning…….my tummy was growlingggggg for food….

So I made an awesome single serving blueberry pancake – loaded with cinnamon and flaxseed, topped with PB and TJ blackberry jam, and a sliced golden delicious apple on the side:

Quite the disfigured pancake – but delish nonetheless!


Yes, I went back for a second scoop of PB – and a carrot ……I’ve never had PB and carrot together before – good combo!


Much, much, much better! : )

After brunch, I made a quick trip to the grocery store – it was no Trader Joe’s trip, but good enough because I got a bunch of fab things and saved about $15 bucks due to some awesomeee coupons I got from the HSL Summit! Whohooooooo!

Oats, cucumbers, bananas, 7 grain bread, beets, avocado, sweet potato, carrots, Stonyfield organic yogurt and Greek Oikos yogurt, jalepeno & cilantro hummus!, POM juice (the blueberry kind which I have to try!), one Amy’s Burrito (has anyone ever tried any of Amy’s burritos before?), Nasoya tofu (which I have also never had before!), and some extra sharp cheddar cheese with habanero peppers – omg hot, hot, hot! Love it!




Well I am off to go start organizing my closet – it has been on my to-do list for weeks and I am ready to go blast some country music and start cleaning!

Catch you all later! : )

– Ania

Yay for today being Friday! : )

Boo for finding out that the studio that was 90% going to be mine is not going to be after all……

Unfortunately, after a final phone call with the other house owner who I didn’t meet face to face during my viewing, we were unable to come to a compromise regarding price – as much as we both wanted to…. : (

He was really nice, however in the end it simply just didn’t work out – and even though I technically could afford the price they are asking, I would have to sacrifice other expenses and lifestyle decisions…..

Well, I like to believe everything happens for a reason… hopefully a better place is waiting for me! : )

I forgot to change my camera batteries… again, I apologize for the lack of food pics!

I did have another amazing Larabar for lunch today – the gingersnap flavor – HOLY YUM again! Not as good as the Coconut Creme Pie flavor, but still!

I got home from working craving breakfast food…..I realize this tends to happen when I don’t eat carbs all day (unintentionally!) – especially after intense exercise……

So I made a lovely single serving blueberry/flaxseed/whole wheat pancake! : ) I spread a thin layer of PB and blackberry jam on top and added a mound of blueberries!



Later on I snacked on two carrots with a sprinkle of flaxseed, and some frozen grapes (which are always amazing!)


Alrighty, well I’m out for now – catch you all later! : )

– Ania

As I mentioned yesterday, I might have found the ideal apartment for me…..well technically it’s a junior studio in someone’s home, but it is so charmingggg nonetheless!

The guys at work let me leave, actually persuaded me to leave so I could do a viewing of the place – so indeed I went to view the studio earlier today and really liked it……it is small yet homey, and old yet charming, the bathroom is almost as big as the bedroom, and the tudor house itself is in a gorgeous neighborhood in Queens…..

However, I believe I mentioned yesterday that the asking price is a couple hundred dollars more than what I can afford/am looking to pay……and I was well aware of this before viewing the apartment – but was hoping I could persuade the owners to compromise and lower the rent while I viewed the place in person…..

Well after my tour and speaking with one of the house owners, I was informed that the asking price IS a lowered price, because typically they would charge even a couple hundred more………yikes….

So my point is, when I was informed of this, I figured compromising was definitely not an option any longer………the truth was there was no way I could afford this place even with the new asking price, and also the fact that there are soo many people on the “waiting list” after me – I bet all of whom are able to pay the current asking price.

So I sort of left bummed, even though I knew this was most likely going to happen : /

HOWEVER, after I got back to work, I had a new voicemail – and it was the owner I met with…..she said talked to “her other half” – who was not present when I came to view the place – and informed me that she told him how much she liked me, etc….and that he is perhaps willing to compromise and lower the price some more for me, despite there being so many other responses to the ad!!!!!

So I am currently waiting for a three way phone call from the owners….I reallyyyy, realllly, hope this works out! And I would be moving this coming week! Ahhh! : )

Work was work – the apartment was all I could think about all day after coming back from the viewing……

Unfortunately my camera died, so no food pics……..and dinner was a repeat of last night, so I won’t bore you there……

However, I will point out I did have one of these for lunch:

Coconut Creme PIe Larabar

OMGGGG! Like Polly would say, “HOLY YUM!”

By far my favoriteee Larabar so far! I love every flavor that I have tried so far, but jeez this was amazingggg, I wished I hadn’t inhaled it so fast! lol

Well, I apologize for the photo-less post! : (

However, I had to vent about today’s happening, so thanks for reading all the way up this point! – I’m quite excited! Keep your fingers crossed for me! : )

– Ania

Hey all!

The surprise has been revealed! How cute are those kittens?!?! In all honesty, I am not a cat person – one reason being due to a very unpleasant experience as a kid…….but I will admit kittens are cute, and these guys are adorable, especially with those huge eyes and little faces!!! I can’t wait to see them in person! : )

Today started with an early 6AM spin class, getting ready afterwards, and then off to work I was!

For breakfast I had a nice mug of coffee, H2O, and a nice bowl of cut up peach & nectarine:


And this Green SuperFood bar:


Up to this point, I have never tried anything from the Amazing Grass product line… I didn’t know what to expect going into my first bite….whether this bar was going to taste like dates, or spinach, or have a nutty flavor, or who knows! First bite in…..I can see how someone would think these bars are gross – they definitely have an weird taste to them – however, like I’ve mentioned before – I tend to like weird things, so I actually liked this bar! I mean it doesn’t even compare to Larabars in taste whatsoever, but for the random assortment of organic ingredients that comprise this bar – the taste is not bad….and the nutritional value is excellent….

My stomach started to growl by 11:30 though, so I opened my mini bag of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies that I got from my HSL swag bag!


This snack did the job – I actually didn’t eat lunch until close to 2ish…..leftover zucchini from last night and a TJ cheddar cheese stick….


And something I have been wanting to try for so long! Chobani pineapple flavored yogurt!


I have been looking for a pineapple yogurt for awhile, and only came across a brand that was so artificial and had a gazillion grams of sugar and calories in their pineapple yogurt – PASS….

I LOVEDDDDDDD this new flavor! Despite it being a tadddd too sweet, it was awesome! I had it plain, and it was so tasty by it’s naked self! : )

I can’t wait to try the new pomegranate flavor now! Mmmmm!

Again….work dragged a little…..however, I received a heads up that September is going to be freakin’ crazy, so be prepared…..currently it is a little slow due to so many people being on vacation before summer ends apparently……

So I did some apartment hunting during lunch, and found an advertisement for what seems like a dream apartment…….the only problem is that it is a little out of my budget – so my plan is to see the place, and hopefullyyyy persuade the owners to compromise with me to lower the monthly rent a tad! Ahhh, I would love this!

Another delay is the women has yet to call me back : / I guess I called her at work, and she said she would call me in an hour – which never happened… so I figure I’ll call her again after I finish this post…..

When I got home from work….I eventually made dinner which consisted of some Bionature gluten free penne with some carrots & sundried tomatoes, tossed in a light coating of balsamic and EVOO…..


For dessert I had nice whopping spoonful of almond butter – mmmm….just what I was craving!

Well, I’m off to apartment hunt some more….clearly this has become a priority!

Later! : )

– Ania

Good morning all! Happy Two-Days-Until-Friday Day!

I got a great workout this A.M., but sadly, it was all by my lonesome. Basically, Allie has the worst luck in the world and was in a MINOR car accident on Monday. IRONICALLY, he had no injuries whatsoever from the accident itself – he just had bruising and burns from the freakin’ air bag. Talk about bad luck. But he does have good luck considering car accidents can be so much worse.

How can I talk about this so lightly? Well, if you know my uncle you’d be able to also. This is how I found out that it happened..

*Casey texting Uncle Allie while at Work*

Casey: Hey what’s up the gym called, you left your soul in the weight room.”

Allie: Haha. Just got in car accident.

Casey: WHAT?!?!

Aliie: Yeah lol I’m ok. Car is very messed up police coming now.

Casey: ………

In other news, here is how Kate and Carly fell asleep last night….

kitts 004

Spooning is so under-appreciated.

So is breakfast…

kitts 005

Scrambled egg whites with a sprinkling of reduced-fat cheddar cheese, a Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffle, and a yummy fruit + syrup concoction I made by melting a few blueberries, one sliced strawberry, and a a little maple syrup in the microwave for about 40 seconds.

kitts 006

Soo gooey and yum. I’ll be doing this more often instead of using plain old syrup. Healthier too, which is always a plus 😉 .


I wanted to quickly touch on something from the Healthy Living Summit that really affected me. There were two representatives for Body + Soul magazine there that spoke about the products we use and how they affect us. Now, I’m not a huge make-up or cosmetic person in fact, on a good day I’ll wear eyeliner and some lip-gloss. That’s just the way I always have been…and it doesn’t help having a mother who knows absolutely nothing about make-up whatsoever. Seriously, the woman owns about 15 tubes of concealer, all purchased at CVS, Duane Reade, or Rite Aid. 

However, I DO constantly wash my hair (and I’m hoping you do too) and never really thought about the consequences. But when you look at the ingredient list for some of these products, it’s just as scary as looking at the ingredients in Fiber One bars or Easy Mac. Or as scary as the thought of Heidi and Spencer Pratt considering procreating. *Shudder.*

So here are my small changes so far. I switched my typical shampoo…

aug24 002

For Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo.

aug24 003

I also switched my conditioner…. (which I use POUNDS of)…..

 aug24 004

For Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner.

 aug24 005  

Want to know all the benefits to making this switch?

Let’s compare prices…

Treseme Curl Moisturizing Shampoo: aprox. $5.19

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo: $2.49

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner: aprox. $5.00

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner: $2.49

So both TJ’s shampoo and conditioner are HALF the price of typical “big-name” brands. As a college student on a budget (one that allows for numerous visits to various organic stores), that wins me over automatically. And honestly, I think my new hair products work better. Maybe it’s just the fact that I switched shampoos, or the fact that I enjoy knowing I’m covered, when it comes to the still-uncertain media-hype about carcinogens and whatnot.  But my hair looks and feels pretty awesome.

Now I need YOUR help. I’ve switched over to organic shampoo and conditioner, but I still use mainstream facial cleanser and moisturizer. Any suggestions on natural products that work just as well, or better?

I’m out (and late, once again).


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