Hey!  We’ve made it!  The weekend! : )

Jeeeezzz was today humidddddddd……and again rainy…..

Well after this week of work…. I’m off to relax!….but figured I would write a quick hello : )

I just had a yummy dinner:  I chopped up a raw carrot, two stalks of celery, half a cucumber, and some beets, and tossed them in some all natural parm/romano cheese and some TJ Tuscan dresssing……with a nice chunk of sharp cheddar on top! : )


And I am currently enjoying a small bowl or probiotic vanilla yogurt, some flaxseed, a couple organic raisins, a few dried cherries, a few chocolate chips, and some Kashi heart to heart cereal…..YUM! : )

This looked much more presentable before stirring everything together : /  lol



Well, I hope everyone has fun weekend plans!  I’m going to a Mets game tomorrow….the first one so far this entire season!  Anddddd…..I better see you at some point this weekend Case!  

Alrighty, catch everyone some point later this weekend!

– Ania