Wow, tomorrow is Friday! yay!  Andddd Casey will be backkkkkk!!!! :  )  She better have a huge and awesome Disney recap post ready to go!  ; ) 


Well… was gooooddd, nice out but still humid like it has been all summer………

I got to leave work slightly early since I’m on top of my workload and above my hours, so I took advantage and ran errands after work.  

I got home around 6 or so and looked at my multipleeee cans of beans and thought “Hmmmmmmm….”

After some pondering and inspiration from, I improvised a new recipe…….chickpea/garbanzo burgers!

I gathered an assortment of ingredients: organic chickpeas…..celery….onion….olive oil……and an adobe mix which basically is comprised of paprika, salt, onion, garlic, and a few other spices…..


After I washed the celery, washed and peeled the onion, and chopped the two up……then I dumped the two with the entire can of garbanzo beans into the blender with a good amount of spice and a tbs. of olive oil……I blended/pulsed the mix of ingredients hoping that the result would be a good texture to form patties…..

However, I must of blended a little too much, because the texture ended up being a little tooo mushy… swiftly thinking I added about .5 cup of oats!


Perfect trick!  The oats gave the mix the perfect texture to form four individual patties:



I baked these guys at 350 degrees on a greased sheet for about 20 or so minutes….took them out and flipped them over….and baked them for another 8 or so minutes….and they came out like this! 



So for dinner I arranged one patty on a piece of toasted sunflower grain bread with a scoop of sun-dried tomato hummus, and a second on the side with a tbs. of ketchup….and some celery….


I must say….I’m impressed with my quick concoction!  They came out really yummy, actually adding the oats I think was a plus, both texture and taste wise.   They slightly fell apart when I flipped them, but I am glad I felt like being somewhat creative tonight! : ) 

For dessert I had a few chocolate chips:


In this very elegant, Chicken Little dixie cup lol…..



For breakfast tomorrow I packed an ready to be prepared at work oat mixture:  oats, stevia, cinnamon, flaxseed, some cranberries, and a banana to slice in there eventually…


And for lunch:  My remaining two garbanzo burgers with two sesame Wasa crackers:


And for a snack later….some cherries, and a peach – picked right off the tree thanks to a fellow coworker who brought a whole stash in today……since I had my own peach this morning…..I claimed one of his for tomorrow : )


Okay, well I believe today ends my three daily tasks since Casey will be returning from Florida…..however, I think I’ll continue incorporating some of these elements daily anyways….

Daily task #1:  Hmmmm……again I didn’t talk to anyone new today for an extended amount of time…..a couple brief comments here and there with random people…but otherwise…..  : /  

Daily task #2:  I didn’t really try any new products/foods either : /   …….although my dinner concoction was new today, so can that technically count?!? lol

Daily task #3:  I do have the move of the day! 

With my back condition, a lot of the ab exercises/crunches done of the ground are really uncomfortable….so I am sharing this series of ab exercises (non-crunch moves!) that I came across that challenge your core without you getting on the ground for fab abs! Movessss the day! Ab moves – no crunches!


Well, sooo glad it is Friday tomorrow!  I hope everyone has some fun plans! : )


Catch you later!

– Ania