Happy hump day!  Another stormy, rainy day in NYC….surprise, surprise!  Jeezzzz! 

Work was really nothing thrilling today…..so we can just fast forward to me leaving….lol…..

I came home and bought some new hair product for my new do! : )  (NONE of the men I work with noticed my drastic chop, and of course the three women in the office did right away!  Guyssss….*sighhhhhh*)  

Then I came home and made dinna!


Started with a hunk of cheese:


Meanwhile I prepared some eggplant – I cut up some eggplant “sticks” and added some garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and all natural parm/romano cheese and put these guys into the broiler for about ehhh 10 minutes or so…..


I’ve never prepared eggplant this way……they came out pretty good, especially with the cheese!  : )   I had them with a little ketchup (sounds weird, but it was a good match) and two small slices of sunflower grain bread toasted with a tbs of sundried tomato hummus…..




PS: I snacked on a few raw pieces of eggplant prior to putting them in the oven (curious what they tasted like lol) and was completely unaware that raw eggplant is supposedly poisonous to some small degree and shouldn’t be eaten raw?!?!  Is this true???  If I need medical attention, please let me know! lol

After cleaning up, relaxing, etc…..I noticed the lonely amount of PB left in the jar in the frig…..


……so for dessert I finished it off with the last tablespoon or so of my Cranberrry Cove nut/fruit/seed mix, and a few chocolate chipssss…..


And polished the jar……..


Yeah, when it comes to PB, I scrap the jar, nooonnnnneeeee will go to waste! ; ) haha 


So for breakfast tomorrow…….I packed a peach and some sesame Wasa crackers with all natural blackberry jam smeared within each……



And for lunch…..my remaining eggplant……an apple……and a honey almond flax Kashi bar…….and a small nectarine for a later snack:


Regarding Casey’s daily tasks….

– I didn’t talk to anyone newww today…..just didn’t happen!  I suppose I talk to new people every day, but only a couple words worth……no extended conversations occured today….

– I did try a new product:  Chobani Greek yogurt – the plain kind……I was hesitant about how it was going to taste knowing it was plain, but I reallllllllyyyyyy liked it…..I ended up crushing my Kashi bar and adding a little stevia…and it was the perfecttttt lunch concoction!  Greek yogurt is starting to really grow on me!

– And the move of the day is a dance inspired move: Cardio Curtsy

The following four dance inspired moves are also worth trying! 


I could never be a dancer….I am way too clumsy…..currently I have three new bruises….one from hitting my knee on the shower, and the other two remain a mystery lol….


Well on that note….I hope everyone had a good hump day!  I have a bunch of things to catch up on, so later all! 

– Ania