Hey everyone!


I hope everyone had a good day!  : )


My day started as usual at the crack of dawn, I went to the gym for a good workout, showered and got ready, and went to work………

However, I got the worst stomach cramps after eating my carrots for lunch…..horribleee….since about 1 pm, my stomach has had horrible on/off cramps…..ehhhhh……..

Anyways, work was work……and I came home and……….


….chopped off my hair! 


                          I’ve never had it this short!   I got it done at Gigi Salon….

My hair stylist was super friendly, did not rush whatsoever (which is huge in my book!), really combined what I was thinking and what she thought as a stylist, and overall is was very affordable and not a billion dollars like a Manhattan haircut would probably cost lol.  

By the way, the hair stylist was someone new that I talked to today! (Casey’s daily task #1!)


Unfortunately, I didn’t try any new products/foods today……when I got back home from getting my hair done all I wanted if was some probiotic yogurt (figured this would possibly help soothe my stomach), and added some flaxseed and about 1/4 cup of my cranberry cove nut/seed mix…..oh and a piece of cheese (which probably was not the smartest thing….but I actually was craving a small piece when I saw it hangin in the frig):





Onto the move of the day!  A new twist on an original plank!

Planks are a core exercise that I can do without hurting my back….so I’m definitely trying this new version at the gym tomorrow! 


For breakfast tomorrow I prepared another breakfast cookie….same as Monday’s except no raisins, just cranberries & some some chocolate chips! ; )  I didn’t get to enjoy Monday’s since I felt like I had to inhale it before the staff meeting started (since it didn’t start on timeee….grrrr….and I was hungry….so I dug in…and of course everyone started to gather for the meeting…)….so tomorrow I will enjoy this bfast cookie in peace lol.

And for lunch….I packed some cherries, a plain Chobani, and a Kashi cherry dark chocolate bar……and an apple for later……



Well, that is all for now!  I will catch you all later! : )

– Ania