Heyyyy there…..happy Mondayyy….I woke up exactly one minute before my alarm….sweet….


Casey I miss ya!  : (   Just had to let that out! lol


…and Mark I miss you tooooooooo : ) 


Today was your typical Monday I suppose……..spin session, followed a staff meeting and a busy day at work…..

I had Kashi’s all natural Pesto Pasta Primavera for lunch today……a new product/food (Casey’s #1 daily task!)…..it was nothing to rave about exactly…..but it was good, and like I was hoping, Kashi didn’t let me down.  It had a good balance of pasta vs. veggies, and the sauce was pretty good too…..however, I prefer the black bean mango Kashi entree that I had last week…..

And speaking of work, today the intern was raving about this restaurant in LIC that is a must go……it’s called Manducatti’s….unfortunately I couldn’t find a website….but basically it’s truly authentic, homemade, Italian cooking – completely not like any of the imitation Italian restaurants out there…..so with that said….alright Case!  This place is on our list! : ) 

This afternoon’s weather was on/off sunshowers and gloomy downpours……it was pouring as I left work….which I wasn’t thrilled about seeing that I wanted to go to the grocery store on my way home to restock on some fresh produce…..well luckily it stopped raining when I got out of the subway! : )  Thank goodness for that, because I ventured in the store with the intent to pick up a couple things, and yeahhhhh…..I walked out with about 4 heavy bags…..there was no way I would have been able to hold an umbrella….I struggled as it was…..lol


I picked up some cucumbers, eggplant, a yam, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, bananas, carrots, lemons, beets, celery, avocados, sundried tomato hummus, probiotic yogurt, vanilla Almond Breeze, Smart Balance PB, some sharp cheddar cheese, and some sunflower & grain bread…….I was definitely in need of a fruit/veggie restock! : ) 


For dinner I assembled a random variety from my purchase:  A diced up cucumber & raw carrots with a scoop of hummus, a chunk of cheddar cheese, and two small slices of my new sunflower bread with some more hummus:


This bread is another new product I haven’t tried:


Hmmm…..I am a HUGE bread fan……..and although this bread was good and I enjoyed the sunflower seeds baked into it, overall it was just okay.  Maybe because it didn’t taste that fresh???  It probably would have been better toasted…..


After cleaning dishes and packing breakfast and dinner……for dessert I had another slice with a scoop of PB and all natural blackberry jam…..it is sooo humid here today….the PB went from solid from the frig to superrrrr creamy in 5 minutes just sitting on the kitchen counter…..


For breakfast tomorrow, I packed two small slices of the sunflower bread with organic PB  and a stuffed bowl of honeydew melon…..and for lunch….some Kashi crackers, raw carrots, a big peach, and a Kashi honey almond flax bar…..




Well….to address Casey’s remaining two tasks…..

1.) I didn’t speak to anyone new today…..I’m waiting for the day at work where the elevator gets stuck for five hours with only me and a hot, dream guy…..until then, unfortunately all the elevators have been working and seeing that there are about 358903485 in my building….the chances of the described scenario above happening is about .000001 %.  

But…I’ll remain optimistic nonetheless!


And for the move of the day…..not really a move, but since I suffer from a lower back condition, ….I found these new moves worth trying!  


Alright, I honestly don’t know how the evenings tend to fly by so fast…..time for bed soon!  I’m trying to shut the lights out earlier….so I can fall asleep earlier….so I can get enough rest before heading off to the gym in the morning……


On that note…..sweet dreams! :  )