I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  It ended up being another nice day today  : )


Rewinding to last night, Travis and I did indeed make chocolate raspberry bars! Like I said, these are a very yummy indulgence!  The ingredients include butter, sugar, raspberry jam (I use all natural), eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, flour (I use whole wheat) and chocolate chips (dark chocolate are the best in my opinion!)….These pictures are actually pretty bad and don’t do these bars justice!  They are DELICIOUS!

IMG_1692IMG_1693                                 Somebody took a bite! ; )

In addition to creating these yummies, last night also consisted of eating deliciousss black cherries (so goood!), Rockband!, and learning how to play Texas Holdem’ poker…which I actually am pretty good at come to realize! — although I did ultimately lose, and owe Travis Indian food now lol..


I got to bed around 3:30am = a delayed start to today.  I ended up sleeping until 10:15 or so, and had a piece of my yummy bread creation from Friday……



Shortly after I hit the gym for a good workout : )  and came home to some cleaning : /  and then a little laundry : (


In the midst of this, I cut up a honeydew melon and had some chunks…..


And then around 3pm I made what I had been craving: baked sweet potato circles! Mmmmm! : )


I made some with a lil brown sugar and massive amounts cinnamon:


And some  with sesame seeds, paprika, curry, garlic, and a spicy adobo mix:


They were both delicious…..however, I wish I made the spicy ones much spicier! 



Seeing that I ate these babies late afternoon, I was pretty full the rest of the day…..  

Later on I  did have a random snack of a tbs of PB and a small mix of dried fruit/nuts/seeds:


The rest of the day included some more cleaning, phone calls – including a great 1.5 + hour phone convo with my best friend Allie from home : ) ….. and I started to watch Animal House, which I will be returning to after this post!  I just started it,  but so far pretty funny!


However, I had to pack breakfast and lunch for tomorrow:

For breakfast I made a BREAKFAST COOKIE!!!  Looking forward to it…..I made a new version: oats, cinnamon, stevia, ground flaxseed, organic PB, splash of skim milk, and a few raisins, cranberries, and chocolate chips!


And for lunch I figured I would bring this ready to go Kashi frozen meal (which I have yet to try!):



And for a later snack:  A mix of honeydew melon and pineapple


Alright Casey…unfortunately I only completed 1/3 of your daily assigned tasks…..

I didn’t talk to anyone new today….. : / 

I didn’t try any new foods/products….: /

But I did find a good Fitness Magazine booty shaping move! 

The “roundhouse” targets your abs, hips, butt, and thighs

  • Start on all fours (hands under shoulders, knees under hips) with abs engaged and back flat.
  • Keeping upper body still, lift bent right knee out to side at hip level.
  • Kick right leg straight out to side, turning head slightly to the right, then bend knee at hip level.
  • Do 15 kicks, then return to start. Switch legs and repeat.


Well, currently I am snacking on this Kashi goodness and am going to hopefully finish watching Animal House, unless I get distracted by something else! 



– Ania