Hello everyoneeee! : )


Ahhh I feel so good!  I finally slept like a baby….probably almost 9 hours!   And I woke up to a gorgeous, sunny day!


Before hitting the gym, I had a mini portion of the raisin/pineapple bran bread I made last night…


Good thing the loaf I made wasn’t too big, because with the heat in the kitchen, this baby needs to be devoured fast before it goes bad…..


I was totally in the fitness zone today.  I went to the gym and had an awesome spin session, did some stretching & planks, and some intense boxing ; )

I came home and decided I had to go rollerblading in Central Park seeing the weather was great and I was craving to go rollerblading anyways….


However post gym workout and pre rollerblading, I downed about 2 huge glasses of ice water, and made a small random platter to fuel my muscles some more…..another small piece of the bread, some all natural multigrain tortilla chips with some avocado, and a couple pineapple rings:


And I had a mouthful of this amazing mix!


Here’s a better look at what’s inside this wonderfulness!



Then I headed out the door and went rollerblading for a solid 75 minutes or sooo….it was GREAT!  I did panic for a slight minute as a stick wedged itself into my wheels on a downhill, but luckily it flew out!  Whew!   Afterwards, I walked around Manhattan a tad to soak in some more sun before heading back on the subway…..

Ewww…I was one sweaty messs…so I instantly headed for the shower…….

Although it’s dinner time…and despite all the exercise, my body really isn’t hungry at all…..however I know I have to fuel it with something to help my muscles recover…..so I had a scoop of PB off the spoon….IMG_1688

And a fruit combo of blueberries and kiwi:



Well, in regards to Casey’s daily tasks:

1.) I haven’t spoken to anyone new today, just hasn’t happened yet!  I did get about three comments from guys as I was rollerblading in the park – including a flirty “Hey there! Wanna race?!” lol…..but I didn’t initiate any convos from these comments….

2.) The move of the day is a shoulder sculptor!

I love this basic move!


3.) Unfortunately, I have not tried any new foods/products today and I haven’t scouted out any new places to go and try  : (  

However, I am off to hang out with friends for the night…..and will be baking my chocolate raspberry bars that I owe Travis.  I’ll have to post the recipe – they are an indulgence but really yummy! : )  Travis has some specialties of his own he claims, so perhaps if he cooks/bakes anything up – I suppose that could be my “new food” haha, seeing that I’ve never had Travis’ cooking before.  Although at this point it looks like I am the only one baking! ; ) We’ll see!


I’ll catch you all later! : )


– Ania