YAY FOR FRIDAYYYYY!!!!  : )   And a gorgeous one at that!


Today started with an awesome spin session…I love Beyonce remixes I must say, good workout music! lol

I missed the train however, by probably .25 seconds as the doors shut in my face.  Excellent.  However, I did end up talking to someone new! (Casey’s daily task #1)  I don’t know her name, but another girl was rejected by the closing train doors right with me and we both turned to each other laughing saying how we hate when that happens, the lady with the stupid suitcase in front of us definitely made us miss catching that train!, etc….. Again, too bad it wasn’t a hottie, that would of been a good ice breaker! lol

I also facilitated an interview between one of our clients and a UK reporter via phone conference, so I guess I technically spoke with three other new people, however it was nothing too thrilling unfortunately.

The rest of the workday went well….I ended leaving around 4 which was nice….and I was still overrr my expected hours.  Nice. 

Speaking of work…..here’s Casey’s 2nd daily task….move of the day!  This seated calf raise you can do anywhere – including at the desk at work, when you’re out to eat, at the movies, really wherever!  So simple, but if done enough and correctly, you can feel it!  Although it instructs you to hold onto some dumbbells, I suggest improvising when you don’t have access to them, or I really think this exercise can also be modified to be done without them….

  • Sit on a ball, chair, or workout bench. Hold a three to five pound dumbbell on your lower quad, just above your knee.
  • Slowly lift both heels off the ground as high as comfortable, so you are on the balls of your feet. Then slowly lower them back to the floor.
  • Repeat 15 to 20 times, for a total of three sets.  

I came home and chilled out for a bit and then finished off my peas and carrots from last night, seeing that my day so far was deprived of veggies!  I added some ground flaxseed and all natural parm/romano cheese…..



After enjoying my veggies….since I got home earlier than usual, and haven’t done this in awhile, I got in the baking mood!  So here is Casey’s 3rd daily task!  Although these aren’t “new products” or “new foods” that I haven’t tried before, it IS a new recipe!  So I think it counts! ; )

I made a delicious loaf of bran bread with dates, raisins, and pineapple…….it came out sooooo goood!

I had a little packet of bran mix which contained a veryyy minimal number of dates unfortunately, and to that sort of improvised and added  about 1/3 cup of skim milk, 2 eggs, about 1/4 of organic raisins, a crap load of cinnamon, two huge scoops of ground flaxseed, and about four rings of pineapple cut into small pieces…..


The kitchen smelleddddd like heavennn I tell you, must be the cinnamon!!!!  :  ) 

After about a hour of baking and cooling off, I was anxious to try a piece, hence the cut in the bread – almost forgot to snap a shot first!


I enjoyed a small slice of this baby with a nice size scoop of organic PB:

IMG_1670And then perhaps I went back from another small serving ; )


Well I am off to relax!  : )


– Ania