It was another rainyyy day in NYC  : ( 

The day started out nice….I had a good workout at the gym, caught the train just in time ; ) , and work was pretty good, until it started to pourrrrr.  I was going to meet up with friends from a previous internship for happy hour, but I got out of work at 5 today, and they weren’t getting to the bar until 7ish.  I thought it was going to be gorgeous out, so I figured I could easily kill time walking around Manhattan until everyone else got out of work.  But like I said, the rain killed that plan.  I guess I could have stayed at work for another hour and half I suppose, but I worked straight through the day and my workload is all under control, so there really wasn’t a point for me to stay much longer today… I said everyday in this industry is different and unpredictable!  Also, I had the chills and was freezing all dayyy, so I wasn’t feeling the best anyways.  So I was debating what to do, and after awhile decided to just go home right after work and hopefully meet up with everyone this weekend perhaps.   I just didn’t feel like killing time in the rain, or sitting at the bar by myself for two hours by myself lol…..although I guess that would of satisfied one of Casey’s three daily tasks she has me doing while she’s in Florida: talking to someone new each day and blogging about it.  This definitely would of been a good opportunity! haha 

Unfortunately, I didn’t speak to anyone new today.  I tried to in the elevator leaving work with a nice cleaning lady ad received no response, I guess she isn’t too nice after all : / 

Well I might as well jump into the second daily task:  product/new food review!  I had Kashi’s black bean mango frozen meal for lunch today.  I must say, it was quite delicious!!!  I really enjoyed it, although I wish there was a little more mango in there!  For a frozen meal….I’ll give this all natural, vegan meal a 4 out of 5 scoops!  

However, towards the end of the workday I needed an energy lift, so I went to the cafe in the lobby and bought a red apple.  When I got home I was cravingggg PB & J… me crazy but this is such an underrated combo!  So I made two Wasa crackers with organic PB and all natural blackberry jam:



And for the rest of dinner I made a combo of peas, carrots, a scoop of flaxseed, one scrambled egg, and some all natural parm/romano cheese…..


My third daily task: here’s the new move for the day!


A. Kneel on left knee with left foot behind you. Place left hand on floor beneath left shoulder and extend right leg so pointed toes touch floor.

 B. With torso still and abs tight, raise right leg parallel to floor and circle forward six times, keeping movement small. Then reverse motion. Switch sides and repeat with left leg.


So packing my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, of course the camera is usually on the table…….

The people I live with would never understand why I take pics of my food or the concept of a food blog, so I have been weary about taking pics of my food in front of them.  But of courseeee whenever I decide to go to the kitchen, one or both of themm alwayssss do as well.  So today was like  I DONT CARE what they think….and why would I?!!?  So I started taking pics and told them why…..and they just started at me with no response and as if I had five heads……whatever! lol


Anyways, for breakfast I prepared cinnamon raisin oatmeal: oats, cinnamon, stevia, organic raisins, and I’ll add skim milk or water tomorrow at the office:



And for lunch I quickly packed some randoms: a couple kiwis, a Kashi bar, and two Wasa crackers smeared with avocado…..I’ll definitely need to get my veggies in later in the day!  



Alrighty!  Catch you all later! : ) 


– Ania