Hello everyoneee!


Today turned out to be a really nice day outside, despite what the forecast was predicting.   The day started off with spin, shower, work, etc…

Work basically consisted of a 4 + hour meeting with a new client/new business….although it was long, it was quite interesting discussing how we are going to start from scratch with this company and reposition its brand and products…..ok enough PR talk…..lol

Anywayssss, I came home and was pretty hungry so I snacked on a little organic trail mix:


As you know, Casey left for Florida today (lucky her!  miss you already!) and gave me a heads up that I would be receiving a mission via email with things to do while she is MIA from the blog……well I just checked my email and my daily mission(s) include:

– Speaking to someone new everyday and describing it on the blog lol

– Trying a new arm/ab/leg move that my back can handle and posting it on the blog with a pic (now…I’m not sure they will be of me….but I will include a visual!)

– And……either researching a new restaurant for us to try OR trying out a new product/food each day


So for the next week or so, I will try to incorporate this elements into my daily posts!  Seee…..the tradeoff here is Casey is coming back from Disney with Prince Charming’s autograph specifically written out to me, his contact information, and the set up of a blind date with him in Cinderella’s castle.  I think that’s fair.  SHE BETTER HOLD UP HER END OF THE DEAL! ; )  lol


Back to dinner……I ended up finishing my organic hummus with a couple crushed, all natural, multigrain tortilla chips:  IMG_1642


And a nice bowl of broc, cauliflower, zucchini, roasted pepper, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, and all natural parmesean romano cheese……



For dessert I had a Wasa cracker with peanut butter and all natural blackberry jam:


Well I guess this is where my new product daily mission comes into play:  I tried a new type of PB!   MaraNatha’s organic, no stir, creamy PB…..I’ve had other MaraNatha nut butters, but not the PB:

IMG_1648Mmmmmm……….obviouslyyyyy I was going to love this!  It’s PB for crying out loud!  But, it was suppppperrrr creamy – maybe because I just opened it and now since it’s in the frig it was harden a little, but it was ABSOLUTELY delicious and yeah I definitely ate more off the spoon in addition to my Wasa cracker…..for sureee ; )


I didn’t feel like preparing anything really for tomorrow (as you have noticed I always do the night before, just because it gives me those extra 5 – 10 minutes in the morning so I won’t have to rush AS much lol…..coming from the gym, showering, etc….)……so I ended up packing the following simpleee combos:


Breakfast:  Blueberry Chobani and a Kashi honey almond flax bar to crush into it…..



And for lunch….I suppose this could be my new product/food review for tomorrow – Kashi’s Black Bean Mango all natural frozen meal……


And a kiwi for later : )   Did you know kiwi are originally from China and are technically called Chinese Gooseberries…..yeah leave it to me to give you some kiwi trivia…hahaha



Well to wrap up this post with Casey’s two remaining daily tasks….

Hmmmmm…..did I talk to anyone new today……Yes I guess!……four new corporate individuals at today’s new business meeting……..unfortunately none of which were 20-30 year old hotties……oh well maybe next time lol….

And I’ll leave you off with the new move/stretch……seeing that I have very tight hip flexors….hopefully this stretch from FITNESS MAGAZINE will increase my and your flexibility in those hips!   Unfortunately, I am not as limber as Shakira…….


   –  Lunge forward with left foot, bending left knee 90 degrees and lowering right knee to floor. 

    – Tilt pelvis forward until you feel mild tension in the front of the right hip.

    – Raise right arm overhead, reaching to the left side.

     – Hold for 15 to 20 seconds.

     – Return to start and repeat on opposite side.


Alrighty, well I’m off to stretch/read/shower/and hitting the hay early to get in a stellar workout before work tomorrow.  Afterwards, I’m planning on meeting up for happy hour with a bunch of friends from a previous PR firm I interned at last summer….

Catch you all later!  : ) 


Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for Prince Charming’s call……I believe he does exist…..somewhere…….call me! ; ) 


– Ania