Must be the weather, which by the way was about a high of 70 and downpours in the morning and gloomy rain the rest of the day….boooooo.   Ugh the complete opposite of the gorgeous Sunday weather we just had.  I can’t believe summer is halfway over! : (  And I haven’t been to the beach yet, am have zero color, so I’m very pale FYI – which can also be contributed to having an office job during the summer.


Anyways,  I got soaked walking to the gym this morning, but had a good workout due to some energizing techno music on my ipod haha.   I came home and showered, and then got wet again walking to the subway.  That was basically the theme of the day.


Although I wassss able to see Casey for a quick lunch date before she leaves for Florida tomorrow! : )  

Thanks for the yummy, homemade rice krispie treat – clearly I noshed on it during the afternoon!

After work, I ran a few errands and came home and made something I have been craving the past couple days: baked sweet potato!

I sliced the potato in circles and coated the circles in tonssss of cinnamon and a little brown sugar……it makes the kitchen smell soooo goood when they are baking!  Alongside, I made a yummy serving of TJ green beans…


Delicious! : ) 


Well at least tomorrow is hump day……


For breakfast I packed a couple of kiwis and a Kashi cherry dark chocolate bar……


I actually just ate kiwi with the skin on for the first time recently after seeing other bloggers eat them that way…. I always used to peel the skin off.  I must say, the fuzzy skin is initially weird, but I sort of like it better with the skin!  Plus, most of the fiber and other nutrients are in the skin, so another bonus!  


And for lunch I packed the remaining green beans and sweet potato circles with two Wasa crackers smeared with a tbs. of organic red roasted pepper hummus…..and a small container of grapes….



Well, on that note, I going to go some of Polly’s yoga and hopefully fall asleep early…..6 AM spin!  I really prefer working out in the morning, even though some days are hard to get out of bed and I am constantly sleep deprived…..but actually it becomes a nice energizer for the rest of the day….

Catch you all later! 

– Ania