Yeah, today was a normal Monday I suppose!  I went to spin class at 6:30 and made sure that everyone understood I needed the shower right when I got back, so last Monday’s chaos wouldn’t occur again, and it didn’t.  I caught the train on time, made my staff meeting in time, and the work day was good.  Today I actually completed my to-do list and was able to physically throw the piece of paper in the garbage!  What usually happens is I finish and check off five things, and then add 4539048509 more to the list, so ultimately it never ends.  However, today it ended!!!! – Until tomorrow that is lol.

I came home and was feeling noshy so I had some snacks while I did my laundry – yes I found the motivation somewhere to get it over with!  I hate doing laundry, especially when you have to bring it to a laundromat and don’t have your own machines in the apartment.   

Anyways….I snacked on a small mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, papaya, almonds, and cashews…and some all natural multigrain tortialla chips:



After I retrieved my laundry……I had the remaining vegetarian cous-cous from dinner at The Hummus Kitchen last night….unfortunately I ruined the presentation aspect of it transferring it to the bowl:


I loveddd the raisins in this dish….they were raisins on steriods or something…..huge and plump! 


And for dessert I had a sesame Wasa cracker with a little PB and some all natural blackberry jam:



Well I have a bunch of things to do yet, including putting my laundry away now (I never said I was fully done with it! lol)…..otherwise I won’t be able to go to bed seeing that there is a heaping mound of it on my bed….

Quickly, for breakfast tomorrow I packed a small container of grapes and a Kashi Honey Almond Flax bar:



And for lunch I packed two sesame Wasa crackers with a cut up orange pepper, and a can of spicy thai chili tuna! Mmmm!   LOVE SPICY!




I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! : )  Ughhh, I did look at the upcoming ten day forecast, and it isn’t looking to greatttt : /   hopefully it changes by the weekend!  This past one was GORGEOUS!  : )