A MAJOR apology for being M.I.A. for the past week! And another MAJOR apology for only being able to stay for two days as I am leaving on Wednesday morning to go to the most magical place on Earth! No, no, not Neverland (I assume that’s a whole different kind of magical) – Disney World!Mark’s family goes every summer and I’ve been joining them for the past three years.

Since Ania is an honorary member of the family, it is sooo upsetting that she won’t be there with us. =(  You know I (and the entire Sweeney clan) would love to have you Ania! Who am I going to talk about the seasoning on my Tilapia with? Or the textures of my vegetables and “Ohhh what do you think they made this with?!” I can always resort to asking this chick to keep me company…


Or not.

Anyways, here’s what you all missed while I was gone.

A trip to upstate New York…

longwk 002

He’s such a morning person.

A family BBQ where I got to hang out with tons of good lookin dudes…

longwk 004

longwk 005

longwk 003

Relaxing outside on the porch…

longwk 007

Or just inside on the couch…

longwk 010

Going to a hipster cafe with the Madre for dinner…

longwk 001

Marky cookin up a YUMMY Sunday dinner…

longwk 006

(In the kitchen, where he belongs).

And last, but CERTAINLY not least….

longwk 011

Today’s wonderful breakfast – French Toast! It was a simple batter – just 2 egg whites, a dash of skim milk, some cinnamon sugar, and a little maple syrup. On top, I spread about 1/2 tablespoon of PB and 3 sliced strawberries. Yum!

Okay, I’m off to work – I’m going to line up a few posts so even though I’ve gone off to the world of mouse ears, overweight Americans, and extremely annoying tourist groups who seem to be at EVERY line of the ride we decide to go- I’ll still be here in spirit!