Yeahhh, apologies for the weekend!!!!  – both of us sort of went MIA….   : (

Although….Casey has internet now… she better post before leaving for FLORIDA this week!!!   Ughhh, lucky girl!


Well, I guess I will rapidly catch you up…..


Hmmm…..Friday’s noteworthy events……..I had a good spin session…..then headed off to work and gracefully started the day by falling UP the subway stairs and UP went my skirt = flashed many people that happened to be behind me…..awesome…..haha

I definitely hit the wall towards the end of the week and was feeling really tired Friday at work, so it was realllyyy nice that I got to leave at 3:30….

I spent the evening at Mark’s apartment with his entire fam and Casey over a pizza & salad dinner……it was so good to see everyone, especially the two little monsters that make occasional appearances on the blog (Mikey and Sean) and the two new babies! : ) 


Saturdayyyyy…….went to the gym…..and then experienced some shopping therapy with Casey    ; )  Thanks girl. 


I picked up a few new items : ) 


Some fun jewelry from New York & Co – a new ring & earrings…..


And this cute, yellow-green number:


And this ruffled shirt from Express:



Todayyyy, Sunday, I was just in the fitness zone and lovin it……


I enjoyed a nice spoonful of almond butter and a shot of organic pomegranate juice for pre gym fuel….and then headed off to a fab spin session, followed by an awesome 30 minutes of boxing and destroying the heavy bag…..felt good to get some tension out!


I got home and had a quick Kashi bar and apple……



But, it was gorgeousssssssss outside today, so I didn’t want to waste any time and wanted to catch the sun, therefore went straight to rollerblading for 80 or so minutes at Central Park!!! : )   …..I can’t believe I didn’t start blading here sooner…….it’s such an awesome place to go……blading at Central Park instantly puts a smile on my face, and the fact that everyone there is always in a good mood/lovin life/working out……gotta love it.  So I did my best to capture some random Central Park awesomeness during my couple laps!


The carousel: 


Relaxing on the lawn:


Random shots of the path, bikers, horse carriages, etc…..


Some funky sculpture!



And this hot, sweaty, mess ; )   



I came home around 4ish or so, and by then my muscles were like “Feedddd me Ania!”, but at the same time I didn’t want to kill my appetite for dinner planned with my friend Lauren….so I had some post workout fueling snacks:


A small banana with some more almond butter, five or so cherries, and a small handful of Kashi crackers:



I quickly hopped in the shower and got on the subway, and met Lauren at the UES location of the Hummus Kitchen! 

Mmmmm!!! Soooooo gooooooooooood!  A little charming place, the prices are quite cheap, and dinner was delicious!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap any pics, but what we ordered was the following:

We split the mixed platter maze, which included a small sampling of falafel, couscous tabule, roasted cauliflower, bureka, babaganush, shredded feta cheese & beets, and the green tahini…….ALL of which were DELICIOUS!!!!  Rather than reviewing one by one, take my word, all of them were awesome, and the platter was served with soft, whole wheat pita….again DELICIOUS!  

Lauren ended up also getting the Garden Vegetable Soup which was a big serving and looked really good, and the Mediterrean Chopped Salad – which was really yummy, and colorful looking, however at that point she was stuffed and had it wrapped for tomorrows lunch!

I ended up getting the vegetarian cous-cous…..which I only ate about 1/5 of since I was also basically full at that point.  BUT, it was sooo yummy.  I’m looking forward to having the rest for dinner tomorrow night!  So I guess a picture will make an appearance!  

I must note……we came to this hummus joint, and didn’t actually order/sample any of the hummus!!! CRAZY, I know!  Well, I guess that means I’ll be making a return visit shortly!  : )  PS: Casey, this is the place we walked by that one day after you got out of work!!!  You are coming with next time!

I must say, Mediterranean cuisine is definely one of my favs!  


The subway ride back took wayyyyyyyy longer than expected.

Got home finally and packed bfast and lunch:

Breakfast:  Vanilla Chobani with some kiwi



And for lunch: some Kashi crackers and yellow pepper slices with organic red roasted pepper hummus, an organic Granny apple, and a Kashi cherry dark chocolate bar for a later snack:


Alrightyyyy, well I should be in bed for spin class tomorrow morning, followed by work, followed by laundryyyyyy – UGHHHHHHHHH, I have a feeling I might procrastinate further with this!  


I should get going! Later!


– Ania