I must say although I have my fair share of digestive problems/tummy aches…….I rarely, if ever, get headaches.  Well, as of late yesterday I’ve had this headache…..which was much better this morning at the gym, however once I sat in front of the glaring computer screen at work…..it came back full blown…..ughh….hence the ehhhhhh feeling all today….  : (      

The intern I supervise just had hand surgery and has been poppin’ vicodin for her pain…..hmmmm….that probably would have worked pretty well for me today….lol

Speaking of vicodin, I remember popping 8 or so a day when I had my wisdom teeth removed…..what a horribbleeeeeeee experience., I cannot emphasize that enough, sometimes I really wonder if a real surgeon actually did the operation, or the actual clown who showed up in green Crocs and purple cartoon print scrubs……..

Anyways, fortunately I was able to leave work a little early today…..came home and had a couple snacks while making a simple dinner:

Some pineapple:



And some of these yummy guys:




For dinner I just prepared a randommm plate of some cucumber slices, carrots, and red pepper, with a tbs. of organic red roasted pepper hummus, and two Wasa crackers with some all natural ground turkey, onion, & celery sauce my mom made.  Simple and delish…..


And of course my nightly dessert combo this week:  frozen blueberries and organic dark chocolate covered almonds : )



And for breakfast I made a BREAKFAST COOKIE!!!  I feel like I haven’t made one of these in awhile….and it’s different than usual…… .5 cup oats + stevia + cinnamon + scoop of ground flax + tbs. of almond butter + 3/4 of a peach + a splash of skim milk = 



And for lunch….I basically packed a little bit of everything I had minus the turkey……..so cucumber, carrots, red pepper, two wasa crackers, some Kashi ones, and a scoop of hummus…..


And some pineapple and cherries:



Alrighty, excuse the lame post, but I’m off to lay down, read, fall asleep at a somewhat early hour for once (fingers crossed), etc….


Yay for it being FRIDAY tomorrow!!!!!!!   :  ) 


– Ania