Happy hump dayyyy!  : ) 


I have an announcement to make:


I’m sure everyone has noticed that Casey has been MIA……most likely due to one of the following:

A.) Shea decided she wanted more than just a snack……chomp chomp….

B.) She is being held hostage at McDonald’s after at attempt to confront “the devil” who failed to make a simple iced coffee several weeks back  (I encourage you to go back and access this blog entry if you have no idea what I am talking about)

C.) She has been lying unconscious after a gang attack of little Mikey and Sean……


Well, although three options sound possible, the correct answer is none of the above.   Rather, Casey wanted me to relay to you all the following message:  Due to Time Warner’s horrible service, she has been without internet for the past several days, hence no blog post from my partner in crime.  : (      Hopefully that will be fixed pronto!


With that said, today was a good day….started off with some spin, followed by a busy day at work….however, I have noticed I have been feeling pretty tired lately.  I am a horrible sleeper to start with, and cannot tell you the last time I slept a night straight through without waking up 47503485 times to pee, get water, or just because.  So basically every night I get butchered sleep – which I know is horrible for you : /

Also, my iron has always been on the low side, especially since I don’t eat much meat.  Although I try to incorporate it into my diet through beans, greens, etc…. I know I need to increase my intake, especially with the spinning.  

So with thatttt said, tonight I had some meat for onceee…..that’s because my mom brought me some yummy chicken when she came to visit….so I had a piece with a glob of ketchup, an ear of corn, and a small piece of my mom’s remaining apple bread….


And for dessert…..you guessed it…..some more organic dark chocolate covered almonds and frozen blueberries!  : )



And in the midst of dinner…..my Pumas arrived!  



After washing dishes, I packed tomorrow morning’s bfast:  Wasa crackers with a scoop of almond butter and a nana:



And for lunch I made another salad: organic greens, TJ Tuscan balsamic, two scoops of ground flax, a cucumber straight from the garden, and chunks of salmon…mmmmmm!


And a peach for a late snack:


I hope everyone had a good day! : )


I will catch you all tomorrow or so  – perhaps from the streets of a “Brooklyn feast,”……….hmmmmm…….stay tuned!


– Ania