Hmmm I was trying to think of a creative title, but today was a normal wake up, go to work, come home, spin class, bedtime type of day lol.  I’m sure a 4570348509 crazy/entertaining things happened in Manhattan today, unfortunately none of which occurred in my office….

I went in earlier than normal, so I came home a tad bit earlier, which was nice because I could digest a little something before spin…..

IMG_1555Yummy, yummy, yummyyyy!  Almond butter and a small banana!

And of course some organic dark chocolate covered almonds, they are addicting…..yeah I had three… a couple more ; ) 



Spin class was awesome as always, today’s session had about a million “jumps” so I better feel it in my butt tomorrow! haha

I came home parchedddd and made a diluted combo of H2O and pomegranate juice:



And then I prepared  breakfast and lunch for tomorrow:

Bfast is the same, a hunk of my mom’s yummy bread – but let me tell you….the more it sits around, the more moist and delicious it gets!  …… and a peach! 



And for lunch I made another salad……organic greens, TJ tuscan balsamic, rice with fresh rosemary from the garden, and a sliced pear…..


And a cute lil packet of baby carrots for a snack….


Well, that’s really it.   I was expecting my Pumas to come in the mail today, but not yet : (   However, I called Finishline to ask about the shipment, because I never received a confirmation page after my purchase.  Anyways, basically the customer service person was sooooooooo friendly and helpful and overall one of the best customer service people I have ever dealt with, and usually they are miserable….

So perhaps it was the influence of Operation Beautiful and random acts of kindness, but I called Finishline customer service to report the women I spoke with yesterday and got ahold of her supervisor and raved about her positive service and that she certainly deserves to be acknowledged for it…..he was sooo happy to hear it, but I really hope my message was relayed to that woman, and put on a smile on her face today.  Anyways, point is, after a two minute phone call/act of kindness, I felt so good : )


So I guess that’s what I can share with you today!    Go do something unexpected!  : ) 


Alrighty, have a good night/day tomorrow everyone!


– Ania