Ughhh this morning was super chaotic when it shouldn’t have been whatsoever…..I went to spin class at 6:30 and knew I would be cutting it perfectly just in time for my 8:30 staff meeting, because I made sure to warn the people I live with I needed the shower at 7:30, AND i put a post-it on the mirror as well as a second reminder.  Well, I come home around 7:25ish and someone is in the shower!  Okay I know I said 7:30, but 7:25 turns into 7:30, 7:35, and at this point I’m really frustrated because EVERY minute is critical seeing that I have to leave at 7:55 at the latest.  So I knock on the bathroom door and the person in there has the nerve to yell at me and tell me to wait!!!! Unbelievable!!!!  What was the point of our discussion and the post – it?!?!!?  Apparently, there was none.  So basically I finally got in the shower, got dressed super fast, sprinted to the subway with sopping wet hair and sweating, and I JUST missed the train, and of course the next train didn’t come for another ten minutes, and so I was late to staff meeting this morning because of those critical minutes I should of been in the shower, but was not.  Sorry to vent about something so miniscule, but when it comes to housing situations, I’ve realized that although financially I have a bargain right now, the environment in regards to who I’m living with is driving me crazy recently…..which really makes me wonder what I value more, saving money when it comes to rent, or living in peace and having a place either to myself or with someone I can actually live with without having these situations constantly occuring…..

Anyways, it was a good day at work despite being a tad late, which bothered me the whole day, because that is the last impression I want to send, knowing that being on time for these meetings is imperative……

Well, I came home and maybe a delicious salad for dinner:  organic greens, sliced golden delicious apple, some gluten free penne noodles tossed in there, some small chunks of chicken, and Trader Joe’s Tuscan Italian balsamic dressing…..


And for dessert I had a small combo of frozen blueberries and some organic, dark chocolate covered almonds…..Mmmm! : )



For breakfast tomorrow I packed another chunk of my mom’s amazing apple bread and a peach:



And for lunch I packed another similar salad:  organic greens, TJ Tuscan dressing, gluten free penne noodles, and a chopped pear…..



And for pre spin class fuel: some yummy cherries…..omg these are soooo gooooood!!!!



Hahaa….I just called to confirm my spot in tomorrow’s class and before I could say anything after hello, they knew who I was and what I was calling for……yeah I’m a spin regular for sure lol……I have to say I’m so happy I found this new love, nothing will everrr compare to running, but spinning definetly rocks….

Alrighty guys, I’ll catch you all later! : ) 

– Ania