Last night was sooo much fun! :  ) 

Like I was saying, I met up with friends at the new beer garden in Astoria, Studio Square …..

It is an awesome and really fun hangout with a hugeeeee outdoor back patio…..and they have delicious SANGRIA on tappppp!!!!!!   Beer, ehhh, not the biggest fan, so when I was informed of the sangria……ahhhh!!! : )   Clearly, that was my drink of choice for the night…..

It was a good time…..here are a few pics of some of the gang! : ) 






Hahahaha….good timesss……



This morning I woke up perfect timing for spin class and a hot date with the heavy bag (aka some boxing) afterwards….

I came home and showered and made a quick bowl of oats with cranberries, before mom & dad showed up!

IMG_1531Dad not posing for the camera…..

And mommy, unsuccessfully attempting to escape the camera…..sorry mom, I had to!!! haha  I was so happy to see youuuuuu!!! : )  A squish picture is better than none! 


WELL, let me tell youuuuuu what kind of goodies they brought me!


IMG_1533Whewwwwww!  No more sweltering heat and nasty humidity, or stupid fans!  (both have been successfully returned! thank goodness!) 


And of course, you know, 44 rolls of toilet paper!!! hahaha


And FINALLY, what I and my naked kitchen have been waiting for!


Okay, there is noooo way you can clearly see what exactly is in each picture, but my point here is I have been completely restocked with awesome goodness, and will be for a longggggggg timeeeeeeeee! : ) Thanks guys!  Especially mommyyy cause you know what I like the best! :  ) 

Mommy basically brought me EVERY fruit imaginableeee, tonssss of fresh veggies, eggs, hummus, Chobani, salmon, chicken, rice, homemade blueberry muffins, her AMAZINGGGG apple bread (refer to recipe!), every type of organic dried fruit and all types of nuts (perfect for my breakfast cookie creations!), organic dark chocolate covered almonds, Wasa crackers, Kashi crackers, bars, waffles, and cereal, multigrain tortilla chips, EVOO, peanut butter, almond butter, natural blackberry jam, cheese, pumpkin seeds, sun-dried tomato tuna, and the list continues…..




So finishing up dinner while I type this:

yummyyyyy veggies with fresh rosemary from the garden at home!


And a handful of these babies!



For breakfast tomorrow I packed a huge slice of my mommy’s apple bread with a plum:



And for lunch:  leftover string beans from TJ and some rice with rosemary, along with a variety of cherries!!!! Mmmmm….



Well I am off to do a bunch of things before work tomorrow….and perhaps some reading mom dropped off:

IMG_1547                     Hmmmm the answer to all my digestive issues?!?!!?   hahahaha….we’ll see!



I hope everyone had a fun weekend! : ) 


– Ania