Hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday! : ) 


A mysterious bruise appeared on my leg…..and the only reason why it’s blogworthy, is because its HUGE and in a random spot on my leg, a bruise that one would definitely be able to recall the reasoning for….however, I have no clue what happened…..really weird.  I don’t recall being beat up, falling down the subway stairs, etc….

This picture does not do the bruise justice and don’t mind my leg at a weird angle, but check it out…..well I am pretty clumsy, so maybe I should make up an exaggerated story in case someone feels the desire to inquire about this nasty black and blue…..hmmm…..


 Anyways, I woke up around 5 AM to “tweens” playing frisbee in the street……I didn’t know “tweens” got up that early, and I wouldn’t have minded if they weren’t so obnoxious outside my window!!!  I approached the window like the zombie I was at the moment, and didn’t intentionally mean to – but did, glareddd at one of the kids as we made eye contact.  Yeah that didn’t work, so I shut my window after awhile, and that didn’t work either, but luckily I fell back asleep eventually.  

I woke up around 9 or so and noticed my stomach was actually more bloated than yesterday…ughhh….they only reason I can think of is the sodium in the soy sauce from the sushi last night, or perhaps because monthly friend may be approaching…ughhh…who knows

Anyways….I had my remaining nectarine and a Wasa cracker with a glob of probiotic yogurt for pre gym fuel.  I didn’t sign up for spin this morning because it was full, but by the time I got to the gym (9:55 ish) and noticed there were some no-shows for the 10 AM class, I was sucked in!  Awesome class. : )

Afterwards I came back and did random things & showered and maybe a late brunch……oats with splenda, a little brown sugar, two scoops of flaxseed, and some dried cranberries…..



Then I headed out to meet my friend Lauren for rollerblading!!!  : )   I LOVEEEE rollerblading, however unfortunately there is no local bike path around my neighborhood like there is back home, BUT there is Central Park!!!!…. I just have never ventured out there with my blades (can’t believe it!), and therefore haven’t been blading since last year, until today that is!

We ended up choosing Central Park over the Williamsburg bridge…..I must say Central Park is an awesome place to rollerblade…..it was packed with people doing all sorts of things and there was great weather until the end when an overcast appeared…..

Unfortunately I did fall once, NOT because of my blading ability (which is stellar by the way lol), or a hill, etc….

…but because a tinyyyy little stick got wedged in my wheels = Ania hitting the ground.  Luckily, I made a swift rebound and only 4809850 New Yorkers saw haha.

I was waiting for some little rascal to trip me with a stick – Big Daddy style – but fortunately that never occurred….

Next time we figured we would capture some action shots, but today we remembered to get a nice, sweaty squish picture…..


And then a somewhat candid picture with Zeus ( ?), or some hottie chillen in the background……


                                   It was a good time, and I’m looking forward to next time….with no unnecessary tumbles!



I came home and made dinner with (although I have been saying this constantly because it is true!) the very last remaining ingredients in my kitchen…..mom and dad are coming tomorrow with everything delicious, not today, but I managed to make a decent meal nonetheless…..


Gluten free organic penne with TJ’s sauce, and some French string beans from TJs as well:


I rarely make pasta when it’s just me, but due to lack of food in my kitchen, I did today…but I’m glad I did since I haven’t had pasta in awhileeeeee……and actually, the gluten free pasta is delicious, and I prefer it over regular pasta….I used Bionature’s version:


        Well I gotta run!  I’m headed off to meet friends at the new beer garden in LIC……catch ya all later! : )


– Ania