Hey everyoneeeee,

What a gorgeous day….happy that I got to leave work early….well half an hour, but still…

Ughh, stinks that two sets of Friday plans fell through….booo…..but my stomach isn’t feeling the best, so maybe it’s a good thing?  ughhh…. I think I ate one too many beans over the span of two days….hmmmmm….lol

Anyways, so I came straight home after work instead and attempted to go shopping for new sneakers, but the Footlocker by me is gangsta and they only have pimped out Nike Shox or something of that sort, and the Modell’s near me only has old people walking shoes…..excellent…..so it looks like perhaps I’ll be back surfing the web tonight…..or watching Animal House haha.


Unfortunately, “Ms. Ania never meets me for lunchhhh” (clearly I’m referring to Casey), bailed on me today!!! ha!  

I know, I know, you had training in the office (pshhhhhhh)……

Just kidding, I know you did, just bustin your chops!  It would have been a nice day to eat in Bryant Park – now we have to wait another 394845830 years to have a lunch date, since I’m sensing a busyyyyy work week next week starting Monday….  : ( 


Well, seeing that my stomach was a little off, and my frig/cabinets are 98 % empty….intially I didn’t know what to do for dinner, until a brillant idea popped into my head: SUSHI!

So I ordered takeout from  JJ’s Asian Fusion & Sushi

Supposedly this place rocks and is the best in the area, and highly rated and publicized within NYC…..and about two steps from where I live….so I had to try it…..

However, because of my stomach and the fact I had salmon for lunch, I opted not to get any crazy rolls (which are the best I know!) or any rolls made with fish for that matter…..so I ended up getting a combo of mini rolls: asparagus, avocado & cucumber, and inari….


I’m a hugeeeee sushi fan, so of course this was delicious, despite the fact these were “simple” rolls…..however note to Casey….I don’t know if it’s because these weren’t extravagant rolls, but I preferred the sushi we had from Go Wasabi. Next time, I’ll have to go wild and get something more crazy so I can fairly compare the two places…..

The inari rolls were definitely interesting…..

I also devoured the huge glob of wasabi which definitely cleared out all my passages and made my nose run for a good 10 minutes…..

And of course I had some miso soup too:


For dessert I had a juicyyyy nectarine – I bought a couple while waiting for my sushi……


However, I was really cravinggg chocolate…..but I had none : (

Until I realized I did have hot chocolate!!!  So I made a mug of dark hot chocolate…..mmmmm!

 (I brought my box of organic hot chocolate and green tea to work…..my contribution to the office kitchen haha….)


Interesting…..a mug of this stuff has the same amount of antioxidants as two cups of green tea…..and I read somewhere that hot chocolate is actually good for your skin, because there is something in it that helps protect your skin against UV rays…..random fact for ya!



Mmm, hit the spot, delicious!  Yeah that’s my Cinderella mug, you can find it next to my Mickey wine glass, and Magic Kingdom shot glass hahaha…..


Well I guess I’m off to shoe shop, read, watch Animal House, do all of the above, or do none of the above…..hmmmmm…..


I’m looking forward to tomorrow……rollerblading over the Williamsburg bridge with my friend Lauren……although I’m not sure this is the best idea in regards to level surfaces…..I don’t mind the uphill!…..it’s the downhill part that bothers me (bad previous experience….we won’t go there…)…..

Any comments Casey!?!….seeing that this is a landmark in your next of the woods……

Alright!  Catch ya later with an update!  

P.S.  Pandora rocks with its country stations!


– Ania