So, as you already know…Ania finally graced me with her presence for lunch! AND, she even came all the way (like 1 mile?) to my neck of the woods!

brkfst0709 008

I am super paranoid about being late, and I have to “punch” in my meal time. So, I’m often in a frenzy around 12:50 pm when I have 10 minutes to get myself into the building, up the elevator, into my office, onto my computer, logged onto the system, and punch in my time. Sounds easy right? Nope. Not when my building ID doesn’t scan correctly, there are people on the elevator getting off at floors 1,  2,  3,  3.5,  4,  5,  5.5′,  5.6,  7,  etc. , my computer won’t turn on, and my log-in attempts fail three times because I didn’t realize Caps Lock was on. Womp womp womp. Such is life.

This being said, when I finally made my way out of the bulding around 12:10, and realized I had forgotten my awesome packed lunch upstairs at my desk, there was no way I was going back into the office to get it. I made the sacrifice and chose to buy lunch today instead of tomorrow.

I got a Honey Glazed Turkey and Mozzarella Whole Wheat Wrap

brkfst0709 007

With a small side salad

brkfst0709 006

Unfortunately the wrap seemed a bit stale and I mostly picked at the turkey and cheese. I saved the other half for tomorrow, although I’m not really sure why since I will likely do the same thing as I did today.

I had a great lunch with my buddy and we BETTER do this more often!

Later on in the evening, I went to see My Sister’s Keeper with my friends Kristina and Kelly. I thought it was okay, but I was not really impressed. I definitely prefer the book and although the book’s ending is much sadder and unexpected, I thought it was a better fit. The movie was kind of predictable. But my OH MY what a sexy dad. If my parents were Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric, and I wasn’t an insanely hot product of their procreation, I’d be a pretty depressed person.  But it so turns out that this is my father….


So it turns out I’m pretty comfortable with myself.

I got home pretty late from the movie, which for me, pathetically, is 10pm and I went right to bed. This morning for breakfast I succesfully reheated my pancakes from yesterday!

brkfst0709 011

They were very similar to yesterday’s appearance, but I did jazz them up a bit more for their close-up. Yesterday’s pancakes would be jealous if they weren’t in my belly somewhere going through the digestion system. Ew.

By the way, check out my awesome Operation Beautiful note

july1 005

In case you can’t read it, it says’ “Being ashamed about what your body can’t do is no longer in fashion. What is in fashion, is being proud of what it can do. Love yourself. Spread the word.”.

I taped it into a locker at the gym I go to, but unfortunately it was a really busy time and it’s not a well-lit room, so I decided against taking pictures while other women were changing. I dunno, I just didn’t really feel like spending my weekend with the po-po.  But it’s still there 🙂 !!!

I’m off to start my day and wait as every minute, every SECOND, passed by until 3pm when I leave work two whole hours early and jump on a train to go meet my boo in upstate New York. He’s been at a camp for incoming freshman, run by the high school he teaches at. He’s been working this camp for years, so I allow him to leave me every once in a while. 😉 Can’t wait to see you my love!!

I will not apologize for being a mushy gushy loser 🙂

Have a great day/weekend!!

– Case