I’d like to start by sending a big Thank You to Ania. First, by making enough time for me to “possibly” squeeze me into her schedule for a quick lunch date today.  Thanks An, I’m happy you can still socialize with a Behemoth like me.

And second, thank you for almost making me pass out when you create a post with a title like “HORRIBBLEEEE NEWSSS!”. You might as well have wrote “I HAVE SWINE FLU” or “MY HOUSE IS CURRENTLY ON FIRE”.  So I have a mini panic attack, take a deep breath, and scroll down to find out you are out of Peanut Butter. You are buying me lunch today, and new pants. But let’s not go there. On to this morning…

Yum! Breakfast was fun AND delicious this morning. In my opinion, that’s the best combo there is! So what was this wonderful meal, you ask?

SMOOSHED SILVER DOLLAR PANCAKES! (with Chocolate Chip and Banana) This is what my kitchen looked like in the process of making these babies…

brkfst0709 001

Well, it’s all clean now – but sometimes I am all over the place when I cook. Usually, I manage to clean as I go along and by the time I’m ready to eat – mostly eveything is put away and perhaps there is a pot or two soaking. Don’t you love that excuse – “Oh yeah I cleaned everything up but I left a few things in the sink to soak”. Does ‘soaking’ really do any more good than it would be to just clean the darn thing right away? I”m going with yes, because I really like this excuse.

Anyway, all that mess led to one very satisfying dish. I used Hodgson Mill’s Whole Wheat Pancake Mix…here’s what it called for:

For 6-8 pancakes (I ended up making 12)

* 3/4 cup mix

* 1 tbsp oil

* 1 egg

* 1/2 cup milk (I used seltzer – thank you Rachel Ray!)

That’s it! Just mix and throw on the skillet. They way I chose to do this, which works very well when you want to make silver dollar pancakes, was by using a tablespoon and evenly spooning out the batter. It worked very well!

On top of each silver dollar pancake, I added a thin slice of banana, and on top of that slice, one Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Chip. Then, I flipped over each pancake and SMOOSHED it. The result was this…

brkfst0709 003

These were easy and amazo. I had my Smooshed Silver Dollas along with a really tiny fruit salad – my mom and I devour fruit by the pound so it’s a rarity for it to stick around too long. And yes, this picture is taken on my “patio” which is really a 5 x 5 square space that overlooks my garage. The scenery is breathtaking, really. But didn’t the pictures come out so much nicer with natural lighting!?!

When I sat down, I had to further jazz up my breakfast so it would actually keep me full. I added about 1 tsp PB and 1 tbsp cottage cheese total and spread both evenly onto each pancake.

brkfst0709 005

The best part about breakfast?! Actually, there were two.

Number one was the offspring my pancakes made. Yep, they were only born this morning but they got down to business right away and created this little guy…

brkfst0709 002

I named his LATSAP. Yes, Latsap. As in Look At That Small Ass Pancake.

He was named after his Grand-Daddy Small Ass, what can I say?

And the second best part about this morning…


I got attacked by a chair on my way inside from my photo sesh the porch. Luckily, my creepy foot that looks like a hand was able to catch the falling chair and push it away just in time.

Oh, and if there had to be a THIRD best thing about this morning, it was that I had 6 pancakes left over and froze ’em for a quick breakfast another morning. I have seen other bloggers do this but a, wondering how easy it is to defrost them? Suggestions anyone? Beuler?

Okay, I’m off.  Have a great day everyone 🙂

– Case