Heyyy everyone!

I cannot believeeee tomorrow is already Friday!  Where in the world did this week go?!  Well, I’m looking forward to an eventful weekend! : )  What do you have planned??!


I got to work this morning to find this propped on my keyboard:


IMG_1487Yesss, I have yet to see Animal House — this is where everyone gasps! —- I know, I know!!!!  After chatting about must see movies yesterdays, clearly having not seen this film is a no no!  Hence the dvd my colleague placed on my desk….I am looking forward to watching it….whenever I find the time!


Work was still busy, but was the first day in a longgggg time that I actually left the office for lunch, rather than inhaling it while working crazily at the computer…..and met this chica!


And just to clarify (ahemmm Casey!), if I could I would make this happen everyday!!!  But the PR industry and lunch breaks often don’t go hand in hand, unfortunately : (  

I know you were just busting my chops anyways!  🙂 


Lunch consisted of awesome company : ) , awesome conversation, ehhh… so-so food (random lunch for me if you refer to previous post, and a yummy wrap that ended up being stale for Casey lol), and accidently flashing NYC twice as the wind conveniently blew up my dress multiple times……great.  

Let’s hope tomorrow works too!  : ) 

For dinner tonight, I basically cleared out my entire fridge…..

I used the very last tablespoon worth of pumpkin and ate it with a Wasa cracker, while I prepared this scrumptious meal!

IMG_1478With my remaining yam, I made yam fries, sprinkled with some brown sugar and lots of cinnamon and served with a glob of ketchup, along with some plain carrots, cauliflower, and broc.

Yummy! And I didn’t burn them this time!!!!!


Tomorrow’s breakfast I just prepared some oats, cinnamon, flax, and dried cranberries which I’ll make at the office:IMG_1484

And for lunch tomorrow – a combo of basically everything else left over:  the veggies from tonight, Alaskan salmon, hugeee scoop of flax, and the rest of my red kidney beans……with some Wasa crackers on the side….



Well, I think I may have some time for reading?!?  or yoga?!  or early night to bed?!  (6:30 spin!!! yay!)


Catch ya later!


– Ania