I have horribbbbleeeeee newsss…….


This rarelyyyyy happens, and when it does, it’s sad, very sad…..





Yes, for breakfast today…… I had a breakfast cookie minus the peanut butter…booo…..


Despite the lack of PB, it was still pretty awesome!  I added a tonnnn of pumpkin + banana, so it came out really fluffy and moist…..mmmmm!


Today was nonstop….from the moment I got up…..to spin class….to shower….sprint to the subway…..OH WAIT…..then I stood in Grand Central at a complete standstill in a HUGE mass of people for a solid 5 minutes…..I guess this was my break in the day….for some reason people WERE going up and down the stairs, yet the mass of people was NOT moving anywhere?!  Finally, I someone managed my way to the stairs, and the crazy day continued……work, meeting, work, meeting, work, meeting, etc…..until about 5:55 pm when I bounced so I could make it to the bank in time.  Luckily, I did!  

Anyways, for lunch I had my leftover Annie’s organic mac & cheese and carrots & peas, and a grapefruit.  Later I snacked on a PB Nature Valley bar.  When it comes to Nature Valley bars – yeah I like them – but I still prefer bars that are more natural and contain less ingredients or more wholesome ingredients, like Kashi bars or Lara bars, etc…however, these Nature Valley bars were about $1 a box, so I couldn’t resist the bargain….



I came home and it was nice to just unwind…….and make dinner at an earlier hour…..not soo late like many nights….

I ended up having leftover veggies from last night’s dinner:  Carrots, squash, zucchini, green beans, and lima beans, and a scrambled one cage free egg, and combined the two with two Wasa crackers….


I also finished off my 3 pounds of carrots with the 2 that were left:


For dessert I made a small concoction of vanilla probiotic yogurt, huge scoop of flaxseed, and a scoop of pumpkin (remember I opened a HUGE can of it, it’s almost gone after I feel like I’ve been incorporating it into every meal and turning orange as a result lol)

Anyways, it was definitely an interesting taste and color!


Well, here’s my next dilemma:

IMG_1468The one shelf I have in the entire frig is dwindling……let’s see my Brita….my container of yogurt, my container of flaxseed, my container with what used to be all my pumkin and now is about two tablespoons worth lol, and about six lemons, half a jar of TJ pasta sauce, a grapefruit that will be eaten for lunch tomorrow, my tiny thing of skim milk that is practically empty, and a yam.  Yeahhhhh……my freezer and cupboards are basically just as naked!   I’m trying to make it to this weekend when my mommy comes and stocks me up with yumminess!  Its pointless to go on a big shopping spree now, and I think I have enough random things to hold me over til then!  Like I’ve mentioned before she has many yummy thing for me!  Right mom?! ; )  

So in the meantime, don’t mind the REALLY random meals I’ll be concocting with the ingredients I have left! haha

So for example, for tomorrow’s breakfast I made another breakfast cookie, except this one has no PB or banana….. : (

Just oats, cinnamon, skim milk, and massive amount of pumpkin – again using up my pumpkin lol, but honestly it should be super moist = super good! : ) 


And for lunch:  another Nature Valley bar, with my other remaining grapefruit….and here’s the randomness I promised: a small mix of red kidney beans and Alaskan pink salmon.  I can hear half of the readers saying EWWWWWW, but honestly I like both – so why not combine them??!  Good protein fix!  : ) 


Well, excuse the lameness and repetitiveness for now!   I’m off to look for new sneakers online seeing my beloved Pumas are just about doneeee. 

CASEY – Meet up for lunch manana?!?!  :  ) 

Catch ya later!