Morning everyone! Who is SO EXCITED to get back to work?! I know I am. Nothing makes me want to tackle the week ahead more than a beautiful, fun-filled, three-day weekend!

Okay so maybe I’m not that excited. Did you buy it though? I was GOING to write down three reasons why I WASN’T excited for the work-week, but instead, I’m going to think positively and tell you three reasons I am excited for the work-week. Here they are…

Reason Number One: I bought Dum Dum Lolipops and Almond Hershey Kisses for my desk in an attempt to buy over my co-workers.

july5 008

I imagine the scenario would go something like this…

Coworker X: Good Morning Casey! How was your weekend?!

Casey: Oh, X, you know, it was wonderful. And yours?

Coworker X: Well it was great my fam-

Casey: Hey you want some candy?!

Coworker X: Um, no thanks.

Casey: You sure? Because I mean there’s a ton, I bought it in case anyone wanted some. So do you want some?

Coworker: You know what, I left the fax machine on…

Something like that.

Reason number two would be this morning’s breakfast – a miniature version of a Hungry Man’s Breakfast. Minus the sausage, bacon, toast, homefries, and coffee.

july5 005

I had two eggs which I turned into an omlette, plus four Silver Dollar Pancakes, which magically obtained several Ghiradelli Dark chocolate chips. They are currently under investigation by the C.S.I. Really, the caution tape all over my kitchen is very inconvenient.

And Reason Number Three: The wonderful lunch I have packed for today.

july5 002

One Packet of Trader Joe’s instant Mac and Cheese (TJ’s Easy Mac) jazzed up with 1/2 of an Original Boca Burger and some frozen peas. Yumazing. Even Shea got in on the left-over action…

july5 003

She clearly doesn’t like Boca burgers or health food, seeing as  she wolfed it down.

july5 004

Thatta girl 🙂

Sadly, I did not pack a salad as well, because I am out of delicious, fun, colorful vegetables that make a mixed salad so exciting. I have decided I will see how this lunch holds me over and if need be, I’ll fork over like 8 bucks for an extremely small house salad at Speedy’s, the place I go to eat everyday. It’s pretty much a cafe with an upper floor for seating. I usually go sit up there without buying anything, and so far I haven’t been kicked out. Knock on wood.

The view of Herald Square is excellent…

july1 003

I literally throw some ‘bo’s to get a window seat. That’s right, I swoop in as soon as somebody (an actual customer) gets up, before somebody else (another actual customer) sits down. What can I say, I enjoy nice scenery as I eat.

Well, I should get going. I have many reason to be excited about today, as I already explained, so it’s time to CARPE DIEM! as a teacher in my high school used to bellow every morning in homeroom.  I never knew what it meant until the last day of school. Guess I should have found out earlier, seeing as I thought this saying was a reference to some variety of carpet found in Arabia.

Have a great day!!

– Case