Happy Monday! : ) 

Ehhh woke up prettyy tired todayyy…..

I had a lovely crushed peanut butter granola bar, banana, and a splash of skim milk for morning fuel today.  I also made a yummy coffee and organic hot chocolate concoction….mmmmm mocha!!!! : )

Work went quickly…..nine hours later I called it a day.  In the midst of work at some point I had the second half of my yummy panini from last night for lunch, along with some carrots and raisins.

I’m not sure whether I got dunked in a pool or went to spin class, as I left absolutely drenched!  Yeah, I looked absolutely appalling lol, but feel awesome so who cares!

I came home and made dinner.   Now, I realize this is almost an identical copy of Casey’s lunch today – however, I had this dinner planned – great minds think alike! ; ) 

Well actually, I bought a little bottle of skim milk awhile ago specifically so I could make Annie’s Mac & Cheese at some point, and realized the milk was about to expire soon, so clearly tonight became Mac & Cheese night.


Of course I had to add veggies!  So peas and carrots it was!


Conveniently, I made dinner for tonight, lunch for tomorrow, and another serving for whenever!


                                   Dinner was followed by some awesome Chocolate Almond Breeze.  : ) 


So I’m ecstatic that my mommy is coming this weekend/early next week obviously because I get to see her, and also because whenever she comes she stocks me up to the max!!!!  4890285 boxes of Kashi love, loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, bags of nuts and dried fruit, homemade yumminess!, organic and natural this and that, awseomeeeeeeness!!!!  Can’t wait!   : )   Oh, and my AC unit – finallyyyyyy!  

Anyways, since I have to use up this milk, and the pumpkin I opened recently, and this reallyyy realllly sad looking banana……tomorrow’s breakfast is another breakfast cookie!!!!!  This one is going to be awesome I know it!

Oats + loads of cinnamon + stevia + .75 of a very overripe banana, + scoop of crunchy pb + scoop of ground flaxseed, a splash of skim milk, and a huge glob of pumpkin……all mashed, flattened, chillen in the frig until tomorrow morn……Mmmmmm!   These have clearly become a breakfast staple for me….sooo good! 


And like I said, Mac & Cheese leftovers for lunch, with some more raw carrots, and some rye Wasa crackers for pre spin class fuel tomorrow night.



Well I wish I could leave you with an entertaining picture of my beastly, crazy dog, or smelly fish Patrick, that is if I had either. : (  

The best I could do is perhaps snap a shot of a infamous NYC pigeon that happens to have one leg and stares you down for food. 

Someday I will have my 80 pounds of pure slobber and affection……until then this is how CrAzY it will get around here  : /   



Meanwhile, I always look forward to seeing Shea : )  despite her peeing on my lap or knocking me to the floor like Mike Tyson.    We have a tight bond like that.  ; )


Alrighty, I have to go attend to this plant……you know watering it every couple days (if I even rememberrrr) takes a lot of time/effort.

Hope everyone had a good day! :  ) 


– Ania