I hope everyone had a fun July 4th evening!  : )

My friend Travis and I met up slightly after dinnertime to make July 4th officially complete by getting GELATO! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Oh it hit the spot!  So gooood!  He discovered this AWESOME place on his run in the morning…I can’t remember the name of it….something like Berry Lover’s??  It looked like a brand new establishment….not sure…..

Anyways, one of my weaknesses is sometimes being indecisive.  So when I approached all the flavors = major holdup!  If I could get a little bit of each flavor in a small cup,  I totally would.  I sampled the tiramisu which was HEAVENLY, and then the counterperson recommended the carmalatte…….ahhhh, amazing!  Before eating a sample of each flavor, I went with a small carmalatte.  I was quite impressed with my rapid decision making…..although I knew I had to, otherwise we would be there forever still sampling flavors haha.  Travis ended up getting a berry flavor, which I tasted and it was soooooo yummy!    Wow, talk about some good gelato! : )  I can’t believe I didn’t pull out the camera for this yumminess! 

Our plan was to go see the Macy’s July 4th Fireworks on the Hudson River in Manhattan.  Rather than going on the subway with our ice cream, we ended up walking for awhile……..and decided Hey!  Why not walk the whole way?!  We ended up walking from Astoria, over the 59th Street Bridge (good incline let me tell ya!), and to the west side of Manhattan.  OMG…was it crowded!!!!  We made it just in time for the start of the 9:20PM, 26 minute showing of the fireworks.  However, like I said, it was crowdeddddddd to the max with people.  I’m not sure what street we started to watch from (54th Street maybe?), but we ended up walking over block to block to see if we could get a better view the whole time.  

Well, this is the best shot I got out of three before my camera decided to die on me! : (


Out of 26 minutes, we heard the whole show exploding, but probably saw only a few fireworks among all the people there and the buildings blocking our view.   Still, seeing a few is better than none! : ) 


After the show, we walked back home!   We calculated that walking around Astoria first, then into Manhattan and back to Astoria, and around Astoria some more, was at least a good ten miles!  Love it!  : )   Hey, definitely burned off that gelato – there’s a bonus! lol 

However, we were PARCHEDDDDDD walking back.  So Travis came up with the brilliant idea to make his watermelon slushie concoction!  We picked up a watermelon and ice on the way home.  We got to Travis’ where I did my best crushing this solid bag of ice – envision me throwing a bag of ice over and over against a brick wall and cement ground while most likely everyone else was peering from their apartment windows watching lol. Nonetheless, I got the job done and we made a delicious, refreshing pitcher of watermelon slush – so simpleeeeee, yet soooo goood!  

By 2:00 I was ready for bed, fell asleep around 2:30 and thought I was going to sleep in quite late.  I ended up walking up at 8:20 – perfect timing for the spin class I had signed up for!  Still a little sleepy, I got to the gym for an awesome spin session with my fav instructor.  I love when we get to the sprints section of the class and he emphasizes to really challenge yourself and crank up the resistance, and then quickly adds:  “Don’t pass out, don’t throw up!” hahaha  


After spin I concocted a FAB breakfast!  With all the extra pumpkin lying around I made an amazingggg bowl of banana pumpkin oatmeal:


After preparing the oats, I added about .5 cup of pumpkin and a small mashed banana, along with a massive amount of cinnamon and some stevia……and I combined and heated the combo again……..stirred it all up, and added a big scoop of PB!  YUM x a million!   I am still so full hours after this as I type! 

Well, I have to go do a bunch of things!  My friend Lindsey and Casey are coming to my part of the hood around 6pm, and we are planning on eating dinner at Il Bambino Cafe.  It’s a small looking place, however so many people rave about this little Euro cafe as an “Astoria charm.”  Also, I guess the prices are sooo cheap for the awesome food – which I think they are most known for their paninis, tapas, and salads.  So check back later for a sure to be yummy review! : )


Alrighty, later guys!  Hope everyone had a fun weekend!  What did you all end up doing last night?


– Ania