Back with an update about dinner!   : )

Casey and Lindsey both got here by 7pm, and as you know we headed out the door for dinner at Il Bambino Cafe like I mentioned in the previous post!

* Everything in bold from here on out with be written by me, Casey! I was told I had to comment or else I was in trouble and would have to return the two Stevia packets Ania gave me in her attempt to wean me off of Splenda. They try to make me go to rehab…

We walked down the couple blocks from my place and entered the small cafe.  It wasn’t crowded whatsoever, probably everyone returning home from the holiday weekend being a factor why – hey, better for us!  The cafe definitely had a unique style.  Like I said, it was very small, a narrow bar upfront and a few tables in the back.  We were greeted by a friendly waitress who was completely day dreaming when we entered, but she ended up being very friendly, willing to give her recommendations in regards to the menu, provided good service, and had a good sense of humor.

To start, we ordered what the waitress referred to as “crack,”  due to how good/addicting this salad is – string beans with parmesean and mini croutons in a truffle oil……..she was right – soooo good! : )   I loved the mix of flavors!

*Casey here – just wanted to add that the waitress did, in fact, refer to this salad as “crack”. However, what Ania failed to mention was that our waitress was probably on crack herself. And not in the form of a string bean salad. Just sayin.  The salad was delicious though.



Then for our main course, we each got a panini since they are raved about so much….

I got the brescaola with parmesan, arugla and lemon aioli……



The waitress said it was the owner’s favorite when I was debating between two paninis, so that was the deciding factor!   *When Ania says she was ‘debating’ , she really meant to say that she spent several hours looking at the menu, interviewing the waitress, and surveying all the residents of Astoria. Just kidding, I tease Ania about her indecisiveness, but I am sometimes just as indecisive.

The lemon aioli definitely made the combo of flavors interesting, and I have to say despite not being a big meat person, this panini was delish!  I’m looking forward to having the second half for lunch tomorrow!  I would definitely recommended this panini!!!

Casey ended up picking a panini with I believe had peppers, sun dried tomato pesto, and goat cheese. *And 1 tbsp heroine, to keep the drug theme going. I believe she was a huge fan!  I LOVE sun dried tomato anything, but am not a fan of goat cheese, otherwise I would have picked this one hands down!



*Thanks for this Ania, I’ve been meaning to take a good picture of myself looking like a hot mess, shoving narcotic-laced paninis into my mouth!

And Lindsey ended up getting a panini with Italian sausage, hot peppers, and fontina.  I’m pretty sure she liked hers as well! ; )


*I enjoyed finally meeting Lindsey, and am well-aware that the chances of the three of us hanging out again are non-existant, since we probably weirded her out with our constant reference to the blog world as if it is the real world, and our photographing not just our own food, but hers as well. Kidding, we MUST hang out soon!

Here are the three of us lovin’ dinner!






I wish I took a picture of the display case………..every cupcake imaginable from Crumbs bakery in Manhattan.  Chocolate mousee, cookie dough, chocolate raspberry, peanut butter banana, pina colada, snickers, and on and  on and on……they were HUGE!

Of course we split one for dessert!!! : )

Choosing one was a battle though….it came down to cookie dough, peanut butter banana, and the last option which was the winner:


Apple pie or apple crumb or apple whatever!  IT WAS AMAAAAZINGGGGGGG!   If it wasn’t for Casey’s ultimate decision, we would still be sitting there picking which one to get due to my indecisiveness that I have mentioned before lol.  I loved the crumbly mixture on top, and the inside had gooey apple filling.  We were hesitant that perhaps the cupcake would be stale – not knowing when they had been delivered to the cafe, but it wasn’t at all.  It was the perfect thing to satisfy my sweet craving…..we devoured it!  Mmmmmm!!!

So in addition to the paninis, the cupcakes are another reason to come back to this cute, homey place! haha

*Me again, just wondering if Ania REALLY laughed out loud when she typed this, and if she did – did she really say “Ha Ha” or was it more of a stifled giggle? Because it wasn’t exactly a humorous statement. I mean, it was true, just not something I would expect someone to “haha” at. OR did she just add this because it just seemed to go well with her sentence? Feel free to comment back, An. And yes, I just shortened your name even further.

All in all, I think all three of us left happy and satisfied and would recommend this place.  Our total was about $40 for three paninis, the salad we split, and the gigantic cupcake…..not bad for NYC.

Well, Lindsey is crashing here tonight!  : )  Time for some quality girl talk and bed!  Catch ya tomorrow!

– Ania (the fake laugher) and 12% Casey


* Yeah, Ania here again!  Psshhhh!….It was a real haha!  C’mon Casey, you should know by now I laugh at about anything despite it being funny or not lol……YES….that was a real laugh out loud right there! 

– 100% giggling Ania