Happy 4th of July everyone!  : )


Wow last night I completely passed out.  I was planning on going into the city to meet up with friends, when I decided to sort of “put my head down” first………well, that resulted in me passing out at 11ish.  What reallyyy shocked me is that I didn’t even hear my phone go off numerous times after I passed out…..and it was right next to me!  I am a light/sensitive sleeper, so for this to have happened – I must of been exhausted.  Not to mention, I slept for 10 hours, which is completely not like me either.  

Well!  I woke up and had a mashed banana with a scoop of PB:


A little bit later I hit the gym and had a good workout session…I definitely feel the boxing I did yesterday in my back….soreee lol.  

When I came home I attempted to make an oatmeal pumpkin pancake.  It came out pretty yummy, however not the best….. and I know it’s because I used old fashioned oats over quick oats.  You are either supposed to use quick oats, or you can use old fashioned oats – but the mixture has to be prepared the night in advance in this case since old fashioned oats take more time to absorb all the ingredients in comparison to quick oats.  Despite knowing this, I still used old fashioned oats this morning.  Like I said, the pancake came out yummy, but I could cleary tell the oats were still dry and the taste would have been much better if I had followed the recipe correctly.  Nonetheless, I added a small scoop of PB on the side, along with some pumpkin mixed with a little bit of brown sugar.  The pancake itself was loaded with vanilla and cinnamon….mmmmmm!   : ) 

It appears slightly burnt in the pic, but it’s not……and it fell apart when being transfered to the plate.  All in all, it was yummy and filling, and smelled soooo good when in the skillet!





I have a ton of pumpkin leftover, so expect to see this ingredient incorporated in many upcoming posts!  Also, I’ve concluded that I will turn yellow/orange sometime this week due to my abundant ingestion of carrots, and now pumpkin – beta carotene overload!  

I also had a couple gulps of Almond Breeze – the chocolate kind!   Mmmmm…..delicious! : )  


The chocolate kind and the unsweetened vanilla kind are very different.  I like both of them.  I find the unsweetened vanilla more refreshing and a little bland (I guess in a good way if that makes sense), but the chocolate is a heavenly indulgence!  Well, anything chocolate is……but I love the taste of this stuff!  It tastes so good and is good for you, in comparison to that Nesquik chocolate milk that has 458038540 ingrediants and 4583908509 grams of sugar per sip.  Yeah, no thanks lol.    Bottom line:  I’m really diggin Almond Breeze! : )   Especially since me and milk don’t get along!  


Alrighty, well I will catch you later!  I hope everyone has fun plans for today/tonight!  : )


– Ania