Happy Friday!/Beginning of a long weekend! :  ) 

I feel like I should be at work now, but  I’m happy to be enjoying this lovely Friday off.  Also, it was nice to get out of work early yesterday as well.  I came home and immediately returned “horrible fan #1.”  Fan #2 will not be returned until AC unit is bought and successfully installed ASAP!  It was soooo humid last night, I was sweating just sitting at my computer – gross.  It doesn’t help that my room is tiny and only has one little window and is on an upper level.  Luckily there is a nice breeze today, so I believe I will be fine until I install my AC unit – which I have a feeling will be quite the documentation lol.  


Anyways, last night I meet up with my friend Katie who I haven’t seen in awhile, it was awesome to catch up! : )  We went to Avenue Cafe ….a local bar/cafe here in Astoria for drinks.  


A lovely squish picture lol.  Also, if you noticed…we were both wearing leopard printed tops when we met up, completely not planned lol.  

I walk by this place everyday and it’s alwaysssss hoppin’, also I remember Mark saying he went here for drinks and it was a cool place.  So it’s about time I came here!

All night they played a selection of Greek music, and although we choose to sit outside, the inside looked very modern and cool – I believe the cafe is relatively new.  

However, out waitress was quite rude!  I have to say…

Despite that, Katie ordered some type of iced coffee, which is specifically made really bitter, but I actually liked it when I tired it.  I on the other hand was instantly drawn to the sangria…….so I ordered a glass of red.  It was delicious and had so much yummy fruit in it.  The more fruit, the better.  

Perhaps it was the sangria, but I feel asleep pretty much instantly despite the humidity in my room.  I wish I slept longer, but I ended up waking up quite early.  For breakfast I had a little random assortment to fuel me for the gym: a  shot of cherry POM,  a large handful of TJ pomegranate and berry flakes cereal mixed with a glob of vanilla probiotic yogurt, and a tbs. of PB that I indeed ate off the spoon.  

A couple hours later (I got caught up researching AC units/portable AC conditioners online), I hit the gym.  Clearly I did not go to the 6:30 AM spin session, so I did my own 50 minute spin routine.  I also ended up chatting with a girl who just became certified to teach spin class and was auditioning at NYSC to become an instructor.  This is another thing I have added to I guess you could call my life list.  I would love to eventually teach spin. : )

I also took advantage of the fact that no meathead was hogging the heavy bag again, so I got in some quality boxing time.

Well, I came back and dug right into this juicy pear:


And had a slice of “Fitness bread” with some cheddar slices……clearly I dug into this too before the camera managed to take a shot.


Well, I’m off to shower and relax  : ) 

Since I have a bunch of carrots hangin’ in my fridge, I’m also gonna pop some in the oven and make this simpleeee recipe:


Alrighty, catch ya later!  : ) 

– Ania


Well, I’m back at the comp, so I figured I would update you on my recipe turnout! 

I must say I’m impressed…..I think I’m going to experiment with baking every veggie out there in the oven – they come out sooo goooood…..

I ended up actaully adding so many more spices to the recipe…..in addition to the little bit of salt, I also added paprika, garlic, and an adobo spice mix:

IMG_1412The carrots baked in the oven for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees…and when they came out I splashed hot sauce all over them to add to the spiciness factor!


                       Mmmmm….they were so yummy….and spicy….my nose was running the whole time haha.  I’m afraid I ate one too many carrots and am going to turn yellow from the overdose of beta carotene lolol ahhh!

In addition to these babies for dinner, I had a golden delicious…


And am wrapping up this very random dinner with a huge glob of probiotic yogurt, a big scoop of ground flaxseed, and a crushed PB nature valley bar……random, but well balanced assortment nonetheless…..hey it was what I was craving…..quick and delicious! : ) 



Alrighty!  I will catch you tomorrow! :  ) 

– Ania