Happy Almost Fourth of July everyone!! Or, Happy Day Off of Work!! (if you’re lucky enough).

I awoke this morning and immediately helped myself to a nice bowl of puffins with blueberries, sliced banana, and some organic Skim. I typically don’t splurge for organic milk even though it’s probably a worth-while splurge, but my mom bought this so  technically I’m enjoying using the “organic skim milk I didn’t have to pay for”. Which, let me tell you, makes it ten times tastier.

june23 004

Speaking of breakfast, my mom, cereal, and me ruining her life, here’s a cute snippet from the journal she kept when my sister and I were babies…

When you wake up in the morning you insist on  going right downstairs. When we get down there you insist on going right into your highchair. I get out your bowl and pour the cereal and then you say ‘milk’. After I pour the milk you say ‘poon’. I give you the cereal and you eat happily. When the cereal is finished you say ‘more’. And we go through the same routine again. Usually, you eat 3 bowls. And that’s breakfast! Fortunately, you don’t eat that way at all meals, otherwise we might have a problem. As it is, you’re quite petite!

I don’t really know what she means by this “problem” she’s speaking of. Is it that I would continue saying “poon” instead of “spoon” many years into my adulthood, and people would possibly take it the wrong way and I would become a social outcast? OR, is she assuming that three bowls of cereal for breakfast would mean 3 porterhouse steaks for dinner, 3 Doulbe Whoppers from Burger King for lunch, or possibly even 3 boyfriends at once? Hm, what can I say, my mom liked to worry.  Hope you enjoyed that little memento 🙂 .


Thought you should see the face that devoured those three bowls. Ania, I think its only right you find a cute pic of your spinning self back in the day!

Good morning and have a great afternoon everyone!!

– Case