If you took the time to read the title to this post, you’d have a pretty good guess that this birthday party was not for Mark….or Ania. That’s right…my little girl turned 1 (officially, today, July 1st)!! I can’t believe I got her almost a year ago. It’s been quite the ride – really hard at times because she’s a BIG dog and can be very stubborn – but she’s getting better! Ania will testify 🙂

The night started off with me baking a doggy cake.

I googled “dog-friendly cake recipes”  and by complete randomness – I come across a dog that looks quite familiar!

PB_ delight_Maggie

I knew I had seen this pooch somewhere before and finally realized it was Catlin’s pup Maggie! How could I forget that fach? And more importantly, how could I not realize that the name Margaret Thatcher isn’t too common!?

The recipe was quick, easy, healthy, and most importantly… very dog friendly! Thanks Caitlin!

citifield 042

While the cake baked, Shea decided to cause a little mischief on her birthday. You would think maybe since her mother was working so hard throwing her a birthday party, she would behave. Nope. So into the cage she went for a “time out”. (Before PETA knocks on my door, she only goes in for a minute, I promise!)

citifield 044

I prepared the “people” food for the celebration – it was Taco Tuesday. Here was the spread…

citifield 046

Again, I apologize for my mother’s choice of tablecloth. I tried telling her she does not yet live in a retirement community in Boca Raton, her name is not Mabel, and she does not YET knit sweaters her grandchildren will never wear.

Things were going great, and then Shea decided it would be a good idea to taste the refried beans.

Time out number two.

citifield 045

Then her saviour Mark showed up.

citifield 043

Can you tell she was excited? My mom got nervous that she was going to jump on Mark and knock him down the stairs. I assured my mother that this would not be the case. Mark would fall on his own, as falling and hurting himself is a hobby of his. What a coincidence, my hobby is watching him fall and moan in over-exaggerated pain. Go figure.

While Shea went in for her third time-out (this time it was for unnecessary, never-ending barking) we sat down and started dinner.

citifield 048Sorry for the less than awesome pic. Lighting in the dining room is minimal.

I had one TJ whole wheat wrap with a nice scoop of extra lean turkey meat, salsa, and a dash of Light Sour Cream. This was followed by tons of yummy salad. And possibly another taco – this time in a hard shell. Hey, a girl’s gotta live. Not me, Mark…

citifield 050

He enjoyed his Pomegranate Martini. Mark, you know I love you, and that I probably would have nowhere near as many funny things to say without your inspiration.

Shea even got her own small serving, when she got out on bail.

citifield 051

She wolfed it down. The party was really getting crazy at this point…

citifield 076

I considered calling in an anonymous tip to the NYPD, but I decided I could easily control the party by bringing out the cake.

citifield 065

Yes, we sang to her. Is it pathetic I got a little choked up? The best part was when I put the cake on the table, Shea was very conflicted about whether or not she was “allowed” to lick it, or whether going another inch closer would provoke a reaction similar to many occasions – loud blabbing, wailing my arms, and proceeding to chase her around the living room screaming “MYYY LASTTTTT KASHIIII BARRRR!!!”

citifield 071

Finally, I set it down on the floor for her.

citifield 074

It was a great evening., and even though Shea had no idea what was going on (just that she got food different than her typical Purina) I think she enjoyed it. Maybe she’ll remember this as she is peeing on the throw rug in my room which she can never stand on without excreting some bodily fluid. Or not.

Oh and by the way, the breakfast I’m eating as I write this is amaz-o.

Banana Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Pancakes

I used Hodgson Mill’s Organic Pancake Mix. The batter recipe calls for about 1/3 cup of mix, 1 egg, 1/4 cup oil, and 1 cup milk. Here’s what I used…

* 1/3 Cup mix

* 1/2 Egg

* 1 tbsp Organic Applesauce (to sub for oil)

* A splash of Skim milk

* 3/4 cup Club Soda

Yep, club soda! I read recently in a Rachel Ray magazine that subbing club soda for milk actually make pancakes lighter and fluffier. I had to try.

On top of the batter, I added some sliced banana and a few chocolate chips.

july1 012

Such a yummy start to my three day weekend! I added a small amount of Natural PB on top, plus a bit of Agave syrup.

july1 014

I’m off guys, enjoy your LAST day (hopefully) at work before an awesome 3-day-weekend!! I know we will (granted numerous time-outs that are sure to happen).

july1 016

– Case