I can’t believe it’s already July 1st!  Even more, I can’t believe I’ve been at my new job for a month already!  Bottom line: June flewwww by.  

Well I’m happy to say that I went back to bed after having to wake up at 3 AM!  Yay!  I felt muchhhh better at work today as a result and had a fab spin session this morning prior to work.  

I’m not happy to announce that the NYC subway fair increased…..booooo!  That was a lovely surprise this morning when getting my unlimited monthly pass – NOT.  

Work went by rapidly……and I’m excited that we get out at 4 PM tomorrow due to the markets closing and the upcoming holiday weekend! : )  Any fun plans?!?!?!  I’m looking forward to a sunny, fun, relaxing, weekend.  The weather better be nice – speaking of which……the humid weather has really taken a toll on the comfort level of my room, and I know it’s going to get worse…..much worse.  As you know, especially with my ceiling fan not working well anymore, I recently I bought this guy:


“Easy Assembly” ……pshhhh yeah right……there were wayyyyy tooo many screws and random pieces for such a weak, plastic fan.  I’m returning this guy ASAP. 

So last night, out of desperation for cool air, I bought this sucker:


OooOoooOoo!  Right!?!?

WRONG!  This high tech, sleek looking gadget is just as weak, and just circulates the hot air.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to buy one of those big AC units to put in the window.  Any recommendations?!  Are some better than others?!  Anyways, that is one of my missions this weekend: to purchase and install one ASAP.  I miss the central air back home! : ( 

Well I guess I’ll have to deal with Mr. Sleek and Expensive but I Don’t Work -Fan, for now.

The heat is definitely getting to my fruit stash too….so into the refrigerator it goes…..all crowded on my one shelf.  I live with two other random people, and since my arrival in April…..out of the whole refrigerator I was given the top shelf, top shelf only, which my Brita takes up half of the space lol.  Anyways, to save all my strawberries I put them to good use….

Strawberry breakfast cookie tomorrow! : )


Mmmmm!  A new version of the standard banana one I always make…..

Around .5 cups oats, whopping spoonful of Smart Balance crunchy PB, Stevia, lotssss of cinnamon, huge scoop of ground flaxseed, a dash of skim milk, and about four strawberries sliced up and all mashed together = can’t wait!  I don’t know how people can go without eating breakfast daily……I on the other hand look forward to it and definitely need something to give me fuel at the start of the day……favorite meal by far lol.

And for lunch I packed the rest of the strawberries I had left, some celery & carrots, along with a pear, a slice of “Fitness bread” with a small spread of hummus, and a box of raisins:



Well that’s it for now!  I can’t wait for 4 PM tomorrow!  Yay!


– Ania