Good morning everyone! Happy Hump-day! For pretty much everybody, tomorrow is TECHINICALLY Friday, so today we can all sit at our desks and sigh and encourage our co-workers by saying, “Ahh, well, at least tomorrow is like Friday.”  Yes, sometimes I plan these things in my head.

To start of my Wednesday (or, technically, my Thursday), I had an exciting breakfast…

Cookies and Cream Oatmeal

citifield 078

I tried capturing a picture of my ideal, relaxing morning, but somebody just needs to be in the spotlight all the time.

citifield 077

Thanks Lindsay Barkhan.

I also apologize for the floral disaster that is sitting on top of the dining room table. I think my mom was reverting back to her “experimental” phase in the 70’s.

Since I said I was going to talk about the birthday party, but failed to do so, here is ANOTHER hint until I am able to get around to that post later today…

citifield 060

If you’re wondering “What the hell is that thing dangling in the air above her face?”, the answer is the camera strap. Yes, it took me about 5 minutes and wrestlign with Shea to get a good picture, and when I finally do, I do the most amateur thing someone can do while using a camera, besides putting your thumb over the lense and blocking out about 75% of a picture that would have been phenomenal (thank you, Grandma).

I’m already running behind schedule!! Adios everyone!

– Case