July 2009

Hey!  We’ve made it!  The weekend! : )

Jeeeezzz was today humidddddddd……and again rainy…..

Well after this week of work…. I’m off to relax!….but figured I would write a quick hello : )

I just had a yummy dinner:  I chopped up a raw carrot, two stalks of celery, half a cucumber, and some beets, and tossed them in some all natural parm/romano cheese and some TJ Tuscan dresssing……with a nice chunk of sharp cheddar on top! : )


And I am currently enjoying a small bowl or probiotic vanilla yogurt, some flaxseed, a couple organic raisins, a few dried cherries, a few chocolate chips, and some Kashi heart to heart cereal…..YUM! : )

This looked much more presentable before stirring everything together : /  lol



Well, I hope everyone has fun weekend plans!  I’m going to a Mets game tomorrow….the first one so far this entire season!  Anddddd…..I better see you at some point this weekend Case!  

Alrighty, catch everyone some point later this weekend!

– Ania


Wow, tomorrow is Friday! yay!  Andddd Casey will be backkkkkk!!!! :  )  She better have a huge and awesome Disney recap post ready to go!  ; ) 


Well…..today was gooooddd, nice out but still humid like it has been all summer………

I got to leave work slightly early since I’m on top of my workload and above my hours, so I took advantage and ran errands after work.  

I got home around 6 or so and looked at my multipleeee cans of beans and thought “Hmmmmmmm….”

After some pondering and inspiration from allrecipes.com, I improvised a new recipe…….chickpea/garbanzo burgers!

I gathered an assortment of ingredients: organic chickpeas…..celery….onion….olive oil……and an adobe mix which basically is comprised of paprika, salt, onion, garlic, and a few other spices…..


After I washed the celery, washed and peeled the onion, and chopped the two up……then I dumped the two with the entire can of garbanzo beans into the blender with a good amount of spice and a tbs. of olive oil……I blended/pulsed the mix of ingredients hoping that the result would be a good texture to form patties…..

However, I must of blended a little too much, because the texture ended up being a little tooo mushy…..so swiftly thinking I added about .5 cup of oats!


Perfect trick!  The oats gave the mix the perfect texture to form four individual patties:



I baked these guys at 350 degrees on a greased sheet for about 20 or so minutes….took them out and flipped them over….and baked them for another 8 or so minutes….and they came out like this! 



So for dinner I arranged one patty on a piece of toasted sunflower grain bread with a scoop of sun-dried tomato hummus, and a second on the side with a tbs. of ketchup….and some celery….


I must say….I’m impressed with my quick concoction!  They came out really yummy, actually adding the oats I think was a plus, both texture and taste wise.   They slightly fell apart when I flipped them, but I am glad I felt like being somewhat creative tonight! : ) 

For dessert I had a few chocolate chips:


In this very elegant, Chicken Little dixie cup lol…..



For breakfast tomorrow I packed an ready to be prepared at work oat mixture:  oats, stevia, cinnamon, flaxseed, some cranberries, and a banana to slice in there eventually…


And for lunch:  My remaining two garbanzo burgers with two sesame Wasa crackers:


And for a snack later….some cherries, and a peach – picked right off the tree thanks to a fellow coworker who brought a whole stash in today……since I had my own peach this morning…..I claimed one of his for tomorrow : )


Okay, well I believe today ends my three daily tasks since Casey will be returning from Florida…..however, I think I’ll continue incorporating some of these elements daily anyways….

Daily task #1:  Hmmmm……again I didn’t talk to anyone new today for an extended amount of time…..a couple brief comments here and there with random people…but otherwise…..  : /  

Daily task #2:  I didn’t really try any new products/foods either : /   …….although my dinner concoction was new today, so can that technically count?!? lol

Daily task #3:  I do have the move of the day! 

With my back condition, a lot of the ab exercises/crunches done of the ground are really uncomfortable….so I am sharing this series of ab exercises (non-crunch moves!) that I came across that challenge your core without you getting on the ground for fab abs! Movessss the day! Ab moves – no crunches!


Well, sooo glad it is Friday tomorrow!  I hope everyone has some fun plans! : )


Catch you later!

– Ania

Happy hump day!  Another stormy, rainy day in NYC….surprise, surprise!  Jeezzzz! 

Work was really nothing thrilling today…..so we can just fast forward to me leaving….lol…..

I came home and bought some new hair product for my new do! : )  (NONE of the men I work with noticed my drastic chop, and of course the three women in the office did right away!  Guyssss….*sighhhhhh*)  

Then I came home and made dinna!


Started with a hunk of cheese:


Meanwhile I prepared some eggplant – I cut up some eggplant “sticks” and added some garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and all natural parm/romano cheese and put these guys into the broiler for about ehhh 10 minutes or so…..


I’ve never prepared eggplant this way……they came out pretty good, especially with the cheese!  : )   I had them with a little ketchup (sounds weird, but it was a good match) and two small slices of sunflower grain bread toasted with a tbs of sundried tomato hummus…..




PS: I snacked on a few raw pieces of eggplant prior to putting them in the oven (curious what they tasted like lol) and was completely unaware that raw eggplant is supposedly poisonous to some small degree and shouldn’t be eaten raw?!?!  Is this true???  If I need medical attention, please let me know! lol

After cleaning up, relaxing, etc…..I noticed the lonely amount of PB left in the jar in the frig…..


……so for dessert I finished it off with the last tablespoon or so of my Cranberrry Cove nut/fruit/seed mix, and a few chocolate chipssss…..


And polished the jar……..


Yeah, when it comes to PB, I scrap the jar, nooonnnnneeeee will go to waste! ; ) haha 


So for breakfast tomorrow…….I packed a peach and some sesame Wasa crackers with all natural blackberry jam smeared within each……



And for lunch…..my remaining eggplant……an apple……and a honey almond flax Kashi bar…….and a small nectarine for a later snack:


Regarding Casey’s daily tasks….

– I didn’t talk to anyone newww today…..just didn’t happen!  I suppose I talk to new people every day, but only a couple words worth……no extended conversations occured today….

– I did try a new product:  Chobani Greek yogurt – the plain kind……I was hesitant about how it was going to taste knowing it was plain, but I reallllllllyyyyyy liked it…..I ended up crushing my Kashi bar and adding a little stevia…and it was the perfecttttt lunch concoction!  Greek yogurt is starting to really grow on me!

– And the move of the day is a dance inspired move: Cardio Curtsy

The following four dance inspired moves are also worth trying! 


I could never be a dancer….I am way too clumsy…..currently I have three new bruises….one from hitting my knee on the shower, and the other two remain a mystery lol….


Well on that note….I hope everyone had a good hump day!  I have a bunch of things to catch up on, so later all! 

– Ania

Hey everyone!


I hope everyone had a good day!  : )


My day started as usual at the crack of dawn, I went to the gym for a good workout, showered and got ready, and went to work………

However, I got the worst stomach cramps after eating my carrots for lunch…..horribleee….since about 1 pm, my stomach has had horrible on/off cramps…..ehhhhh……..

Anyways, work was work……and I came home and……….


….chopped off my hair! 


                          I’ve never had it this short!   I got it done at Gigi Salon….

My hair stylist was super friendly, did not rush whatsoever (which is huge in my book!), really combined what I was thinking and what she thought as a stylist, and overall is was very affordable and not a billion dollars like a Manhattan haircut would probably cost lol.  

By the way, the hair stylist was someone new that I talked to today! (Casey’s daily task #1!)


Unfortunately, I didn’t try any new products/foods today……when I got back home from getting my hair done all I wanted if was some probiotic yogurt (figured this would possibly help soothe my stomach), and added some flaxseed and about 1/4 cup of my cranberry cove nut/seed mix…..oh and a piece of cheese (which probably was not the smartest thing….but I actually was craving a small piece when I saw it hangin in the frig):





Onto the move of the day!  A new twist on an original plank!

Planks are a core exercise that I can do without hurting my back….so I’m definitely trying this new version at the gym tomorrow! 


For breakfast tomorrow I prepared another breakfast cookie….same as Monday’s except no raisins, just cranberries & some some chocolate chips! ; )  I didn’t get to enjoy Monday’s since I felt like I had to inhale it before the staff meeting started (since it didn’t start on timeee….grrrr….and I was hungry….so I dug in…and of course everyone started to gather for the meeting…)….so tomorrow I will enjoy this bfast cookie in peace lol.

And for lunch….I packed some cherries, a plain Chobani, and a Kashi cherry dark chocolate bar……and an apple for later……



Well, that is all for now!  I will catch you all later! : )

– Ania

Heyyyy there…..happy Mondayyy….I woke up exactly one minute before my alarm….sweet….


Casey I miss ya!  : (   Just had to let that out! lol


…and Mark I miss you tooooooooo : ) 


Today was your typical Monday I suppose……..spin session, followed a staff meeting and a busy day at work…..

I had Kashi’s all natural Pesto Pasta Primavera for lunch today……a new product/food (Casey’s #1 daily task!)…..it was nothing to rave about exactly…..but it was good, and like I was hoping, Kashi didn’t let me down.  It had a good balance of pasta vs. veggies, and the sauce was pretty good too…..however, I prefer the black bean mango Kashi entree that I had last week…..

And speaking of work, today the intern was raving about this restaurant in LIC that is a must go……it’s called Manducatti’s….unfortunately I couldn’t find a website….but basically it’s truly authentic, homemade, Italian cooking – completely not like any of the imitation Italian restaurants out there…..so with that said….alright Case!  This place is on our list! : ) 

This afternoon’s weather was on/off sunshowers and gloomy downpours……it was pouring as I left work….which I wasn’t thrilled about seeing that I wanted to go to the grocery store on my way home to restock on some fresh produce…..well luckily it stopped raining when I got out of the subway! : )  Thank goodness for that, because I ventured in the store with the intent to pick up a couple things, and yeahhhhh…..I walked out with about 4 heavy bags…..there was no way I would have been able to hold an umbrella….I struggled as it was…..lol


I picked up some cucumbers, eggplant, a yam, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, bananas, carrots, lemons, beets, celery, avocados, sundried tomato hummus, probiotic yogurt, vanilla Almond Breeze, Smart Balance PB, some sharp cheddar cheese, and some sunflower & grain bread…….I was definitely in need of a fruit/veggie restock! : ) 


For dinner I assembled a random variety from my purchase:  A diced up cucumber & raw carrots with a scoop of hummus, a chunk of cheddar cheese, and two small slices of my new sunflower bread with some more hummus:


This bread is another new product I haven’t tried:


Hmmm…..I am a HUGE bread fan……..and although this bread was good and I enjoyed the sunflower seeds baked into it, overall it was just okay.  Maybe because it didn’t taste that fresh???  It probably would have been better toasted…..


After cleaning dishes and packing breakfast and dinner……for dessert I had another slice with a scoop of PB and all natural blackberry jam…..it is sooo humid here today….the PB went from solid from the frig to superrrrr creamy in 5 minutes just sitting on the kitchen counter…..


For breakfast tomorrow, I packed two small slices of the sunflower bread with organic PB  and a stuffed bowl of honeydew melon…..and for lunch….some Kashi crackers, raw carrots, a big peach, and a Kashi honey almond flax bar…..




Well….to address Casey’s remaining two tasks…..

1.) I didn’t speak to anyone new today…..I’m waiting for the day at work where the elevator gets stuck for five hours with only me and a hot, dream guy…..until then, unfortunately all the elevators have been working and seeing that there are about 358903485 in my building….the chances of the described scenario above happening is about .000001 %.  

But…I’ll remain optimistic nonetheless!


And for the move of the day…..not really a move, but since I suffer from a lower back condition, ….I found these new moves worth trying!  


Alright, I honestly don’t know how the evenings tend to fly by so fast…..time for bed soon!  I’m trying to shut the lights out earlier….so I can fall asleep earlier….so I can get enough rest before heading off to the gym in the morning……


On that note…..sweet dreams! :  )



I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  It ended up being another nice day today  : )


Rewinding to last night, Travis and I did indeed make chocolate raspberry bars! Like I said, these are a very yummy indulgence!  The ingredients include butter, sugar, raspberry jam (I use all natural), eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, flour (I use whole wheat) and chocolate chips (dark chocolate are the best in my opinion!)….These pictures are actually pretty bad and don’t do these bars justice!  They are DELICIOUS!

IMG_1692IMG_1693                                 Somebody took a bite! ; )

In addition to creating these yummies, last night also consisted of eating deliciousss black cherries (so goood!), Rockband!, and learning how to play Texas Holdem’ poker…which I actually am pretty good at come to realize! — although I did ultimately lose, and owe Travis Indian food now lol..


I got to bed around 3:30am = a delayed start to today.  I ended up sleeping until 10:15 or so, and had a piece of my yummy bread creation from Friday……



Shortly after I hit the gym for a good workout : )  and came home to some cleaning : /  and then a little laundry : (


In the midst of this, I cut up a honeydew melon and had some chunks…..


And then around 3pm I made what I had been craving: baked sweet potato circles! Mmmmm! : )


I made some with a lil brown sugar and massive amounts cinnamon:


And some  with sesame seeds, paprika, curry, garlic, and a spicy adobo mix:


They were both delicious…..however, I wish I made the spicy ones much spicier! 



Seeing that I ate these babies late afternoon, I was pretty full the rest of the day…..  

Later on I  did have a random snack of a tbs of PB and a small mix of dried fruit/nuts/seeds:


The rest of the day included some more cleaning, phone calls – including a great 1.5 + hour phone convo with my best friend Allie from home : ) ….. and I started to watch Animal House, which I will be returning to after this post!  I just started it,  but so far pretty funny!


However, I had to pack breakfast and lunch for tomorrow:

For breakfast I made a BREAKFAST COOKIE!!!  Looking forward to it…..I made a new version: oats, cinnamon, stevia, ground flaxseed, organic PB, splash of skim milk, and a few raisins, cranberries, and chocolate chips!


And for lunch I figured I would bring this ready to go Kashi frozen meal (which I have yet to try!):



And for a later snack:  A mix of honeydew melon and pineapple


Alright Casey…unfortunately I only completed 1/3 of your daily assigned tasks…..

I didn’t talk to anyone new today….. : / 

I didn’t try any new foods/products….: /

But I did find a good Fitness Magazine booty shaping move! 

The “roundhouse” targets your abs, hips, butt, and thighs

  • Start on all fours (hands under shoulders, knees under hips) with abs engaged and back flat.
  • Keeping upper body still, lift bent right knee out to side at hip level.
  • Kick right leg straight out to side, turning head slightly to the right, then bend knee at hip level.
  • Do 15 kicks, then return to start. Switch legs and repeat.


Well, currently I am snacking on this Kashi goodness and am going to hopefully finish watching Animal House, unless I get distracted by something else! 



– Ania

Hello everyoneeee! : )


Ahhh I feel so good!  I finally slept like a baby….probably almost 9 hours!   And I woke up to a gorgeous, sunny day!


Before hitting the gym, I had a mini portion of the raisin/pineapple bran bread I made last night…


Good thing the loaf I made wasn’t too big, because with the heat in the kitchen, this baby needs to be devoured fast before it goes bad…..


I was totally in the fitness zone today.  I went to the gym and had an awesome spin session, did some stretching & planks, and some intense boxing ; )

I came home and decided I had to go rollerblading in Central Park seeing the weather was great and I was craving to go rollerblading anyways….


However post gym workout and pre rollerblading, I downed about 2 huge glasses of ice water, and made a small random platter to fuel my muscles some more…..another small piece of the bread, some all natural multigrain tortilla chips with some avocado, and a couple pineapple rings:


And I had a mouthful of this amazing mix!


Here’s a better look at what’s inside this wonderfulness!



Then I headed out the door and went rollerblading for a solid 75 minutes or sooo….it was GREAT!  I did panic for a slight minute as a stick wedged itself into my wheels on a downhill, but luckily it flew out!  Whew!   Afterwards, I walked around Manhattan a tad to soak in some more sun before heading back on the subway…..

Ewww…I was one sweaty messs…so I instantly headed for the shower…….

Although it’s dinner time…and despite all the exercise, my body really isn’t hungry at all…..however I know I have to fuel it with something to help my muscles recover…..so I had a scoop of PB off the spoon….IMG_1688

And a fruit combo of blueberries and kiwi:



Well, in regards to Casey’s daily tasks:

1.) I haven’t spoken to anyone new today, just hasn’t happened yet!  I did get about three comments from guys as I was rollerblading in the park – including a flirty “Hey there! Wanna race?!” lol…..but I didn’t initiate any convos from these comments….

2.) The move of the day is a shoulder sculptor!

I love this basic move!


3.) Unfortunately, I have not tried any new foods/products today and I haven’t scouted out any new places to go and try  : (  

However, I am off to hang out with friends for the night…..and will be baking my chocolate raspberry bars that I owe Travis.  I’ll have to post the recipe – they are an indulgence but really yummy! : )  Travis has some specialties of his own he claims, so perhaps if he cooks/bakes anything up – I suppose that could be my “new food” haha, seeing that I’ve never had Travis’ cooking before.  Although at this point it looks like I am the only one baking! ; ) We’ll see!


I’ll catch you all later! : )


– Ania

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