Ohhh mannnnn….today was notttt my day, right from the very start – 12 am when I basically went to bed – or attemptedddd to go to bed.  I didn’t fall asleep until………..never.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited to be in bed somewhat early…….and instead of getting extra sleep…..I watched every hour roll by.  I know I’ve vented about this before…….but what frustrates me is that I am physically and mentally tired when it gets to the end of the day…..and I simply just don’t get what is wrong with me when it comes to falling asleep.  I’m soo jealous of all you who can put your head down and pass out for a nap if you wanted to.  Not fair!  And of course, it seemed as if the birds were extraaaa noisy, and my ceiling fan started to make an obnoxious sound every time it rotates a couple days ago – so of course all I did was pay attention to that lol.  So after trying to fall asleep for about 5 hours…..I got up and when back to the gym right when it opened.  Of course once I get on the machine…..I realize that I brought my Ipod, but no head phones…..great.  Somehow I manage to have a good workout without sleep or music to keep me energized lol.  Too bad there wasn’t a spin class offered early this morning.  I came home from the gym and got ready and thought hmmm at least I have a cute outfit on….including these cute buckle suede flats…….which come walking to my office building my ankles are ready to gush from the blisters they gave me!  : (    Excellent start so far right?! lol

Workload was a lot today which of course meant inhaling lunch while working, and a massive headache all day from a lack of sleep.  I definitely was in my own little zombie world.  I finally left work and of course it started to rain – the one day I leave my umbrella at home!!!!!! I have been carrying that sucker everyyyyywhereeeeeee, except today.  So of course I walked home in the rain, and my new suede flats got wet. : (

That was the theme of the day……little things that are a pain in the butt!  But I hate complainers (just to clarify I am not whining/complaining here!…..simply just expressing my day – trust me! lol) and pessimism, so I tried to have a positive attitude – I did get my first paycheck!!!!  and I just missed a complete downpour once I stepped inside the door…..the rain got 458945809 times heavier.  Looking at the big picture…..I guess it’s just best to laugh it off!  

I wish I was at someones bday party nowwww : (  It just that I really am going to relax and go to bed really early – because I have to wake up at three AM to do something for work, and I’m fearing there is a chance that I won’t be able to go back to bed again – but enough of that awful thought!  I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP…..I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP…..I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP……

I hope everyone’s day was better!  What are your remedies for not being able to fall asleep – pleaseeeee tell me – I have tried everythinggggggggggggggggg!

Anyways, I came home and made a quick dinner:  A mixture of broc, carrots, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and white navy beans, which I covered with a light coating of TJ tomato sauce……and a Wasa cracker….


And a big chunk of extra sharp cheddar – funny I used to HATE cheese, but I actually have grown to really like some specific kinds – almost crave them!…..even though I can’t digest cheese too well – gotta make a sacrifice sometimes lol.



And another Wasa cracker with TJ blackberry jam for dessert:


Far from an extravagant dinner, but it was quick and hit the spot.


For breakfast tomorrow I pre-made a combo of vanilla probiotic yogurt, flaxseed, sliced strawberries, and a nana to be added:


And for lunch:  Some leftover veggies & raw carrot chunks, a yummy looking red plum, and two Wasa cracker – peanut butter “sandwiches”:

Okie dokie……I’m looking forward to a much “smoother” day tomorrow.   


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST!  Clean out a jar of peanut butter for me!  : ) 


– Ania