A.) So happy that my back felt a lot better this morning at spin.  : ) 

B.)So happy that today is Friday (again, where did the week go!?!?), and I was able to leave work early.  Everyday was soooo busy and chaotic, until today.  I got all my work done and headed out around 4, when it was still sunny out!  Yes, I said sunny!  Can you believe it??!  (Well, don’t get too excited, you’ll see why, if you can’t already figure it out) 

I was contemplating going to TJ, but I was tired and figured I would do that on Sunday, or possibly if Casey was interested in making a trip this weekend.  Welllll…..on my walk back from the subway to my place, I ventured past a fruit and veggie stand/mini-store, and my mouth started to water.  Like I said,  I desperately needed to get some new groceries, and the only fruit that I have been eating lately are bananas, bananas, and more bananas, which I love – but I need something new!  Seeing all that fruit = me going in.  

And I did indeed walk out with a nice variety of produce!  

Strawberries, grapefruit, pears, yams, golden delicious apples, red plums, and my ULTIMATE FAVORITE FRUIT: NECTARINES!!! LOVE THEM!


I couldn’t help myself and gave right into a yummmmy nectarine once I walked through the door:


And I also ended up getting a couple other RANDOM goodies: Some more hummus (scallion – one of the only kinds I haven’t tried!), some beets, some pumpkin (I figured I could get creative with this!), some Wasa crackers (disappointed they didn’t have my fiber kind…oh well), and this yummy looking “Fitness Bread,” which is made of wheat germ, rye, and oats.  Oh, and the piece of Ritter chocolate that the cashier gave me for free when I was staring at them when being cashed out.  How nice! : ) 


I also banged out the new hummus with some snap peas as I was putting everything else away:


Not my favorite hummus flavor, but awesome nonetheless – I don’t  know when or where I developed this love for hummus, but I have been on quite the hummus kick this past year!

And for dinner, I was craving an omelet……..


Simple….just two cage free eggs and tons of broc….and hot sauce!



                                                                             It was delicious!  : )

And for dessert…..I had my Ritter chocolate!  Mmmmmmm!  It was heavenly  : ) 



Then I was disrupted by a huge rumble, not my stomach!……..




And cue the rain…….3……..2……..1……..


OF COURSEEEEEEEEE……another rainy day in NYC……what is going on?!?!?!?  This better NOT be foreshadowing of the weekend!!!!

On that note…..I hope everyone has an awesome weekend….any fun plans??!?!?

Well, I’m out!  I’m sure I’ll catch ya later!  : ) 

– Ania