Casey and I both got tickets to the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this year!  If you only could hear our phone conversation from 7:59 to about 8:10. Hahahaha…..Paypal complications for everyone = chaos.  In the end though, we are sooooooo pumped to have gotton 2 out of the 125 possible tickets!  Yay!  Definitely the highlight of my day!!!

Let’s just say we both were waiting for 8pm to roll around!  Luckily, it was another crazy busy workday, so 8pm came around realllllll quickly!  

My back was bothering me more than usual again today, so I took a longgg walk down and around the park and back, rather than an intense workout at the gym.  Fingers crossed that by tomorrow the pain will be back to minimal.  

Prior to my walk I had a thin slice of spelt with a little pb and TJ blackberry jam.  After my walk and a successful registration, I didn’t feel like making a legit dinner lol, so I had a quick veggie combo:  carrots, corn, green beans, lima beans, and flaxseed.  (I just realized this was quite similar to lunch – bean overload!  uh ohhhh!!!! jk jk lol)


And then I had a little TJ Granny Smith Granola cereal with Almond Breeze:



Well, yay for tomorrow being Fridayyyyyyyyy, and supposedly a gorgeous upcoming weekend!  FINALLY!  

For tomorrow’s breakfast I made an identical copy of todays:  another breakfast cookie: oats, flax, stevia, cinnamon, .5 a banana, tbs. of pb, and a tad Almond Breeze.    Sorry to be repetitive, but they are sooo convenient to make and so yummyyyyy! : )  I have to get new mix-ins/combos though!  


And for lunch: The same veggie combo as today minus the beans and cheese…so basically carrots, celery, and snap peas (AGAIN, I need to get some new groceries, sorry for the lame repeats! lolol)



And a cup of TJ Granny granola with some skim milk which I will seek out of the office’s refrigerator lol.  Yeah cereal for lunch and using the office’s milk clearly equals = upcoming grocery trip.  However, the cereal will definitely keep me fueled and full for the workday, thanks fiber : )


Alrighty, well I’m off to bed, and hope my back is good for spin tomorrow morning.  Casey hope to see you – hey possibly lunch?!?!  Bummer tonight didn’t happen – yeah you owe me …haha.  Don’t you dare pick on Sal and Christine, you hypocrite! lololol jk jk  

Ok, gotta go!  Lata! : ) 

– Ania