No, not Shea my dog – the stadium. Okay, okay, technically it is no longer Shea Stadium


It is CitiField. Bleh. I hate the new name – I still call it Shea.


I guess it’s cool-looking though. My feelings about this stadium are comparable to my feelings about the pink and white light-up sneakers my mom bought me when I had grown out of my red, high-top reeboks. I thought the new sneakers were awesome and fun and extremely intruiging, but I couldn’t bare to part with my broken-in, raggedy, hole-in-the-heel Reeboks. Eventually I had to part with my beloved pair but it was just never the same. I know, traumatic childhood.

Anyway, I will be going to Shea Citifield tonight with Mark and a bunch of our friends for Catholic School’s Night. This is basically just a night where tons of catholic school teachers, students, and families attend the game and sit together by school. Mark and I both went to the same catholic high-school (although not at the same time), and Mark now teaches there. Citifield has been open for months now, and we both have yet to go. So we’re pretty excited.

Breakfast was…

june23French Toast with PB and sliced strawberries on my very mature 101 Dalmations plate.

This morning I had some extra time to blog because I have to go to my company’s “central” office at 10am to get a few odds and ends done. It’s close to my house so I don’t really have to leave til 9:30. Anyways, this all means that I do not actually have to go into work until 12 or 1. So technically I’ll have a nice half day today.

By the way, last night was tons of fun. This is proof…

june23 007

june23 006

Alright, I’m out to enter every single blog contest I can to win a “golden ticket”. I’ll be back later for a recap of the day/night!

– Case