Well after I posted last night, the wind blew my reed diffuser over and I was left with one big sticky mess…… somehow it managed to get on the wall, my huge pink blanket, and all over my computer wires/tv wires/and all other types of wires…..and I was left with an overpowering citrus scent for the night, excellent.  : ( 

Despite the headache causing scent, I fell asleep and woke up to the lovely sound of a jackhammer directly under my window.  Of course lol.  Well, they are lucky I felt rested, otherwiseeee …..hmmmm yeah I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it….for those that don’t know, I have quite the high pitched, very non-intimidating voice, so me confronting a bunch of loud construction workers wouldn’t have been too successful lol.    

Work went well…..I actually took a break for lunch…..well that’s because we all took a break to welcome the intern with a pizza lunch.  I had one slice of mushroom pizza, and initially it went down ok, but it totally rebounded and made me feel extremely bloated the rest of the day, it had to be the cheese.  : ( 

Spin class was awesome, the instructor totally worked us, but it was about 34095890385 degrees in there, due to it being a confined room with no working fans today.  I must have drank about a gallon of water afterwards, no joke!  I also ran into a friend from college that I hadn’t seen in a couple years (since he graduated a couple years earlier), it was a nice surprise.  

And I just came across a $10 coupon to Victorias Secret! : ) Another nice surprise!  I love VS, and wish everything in their clothing catalog was in their stores.  I would be their biggest shopper if that was the case.

Well, for dinner tonight I had some PB and a couple more Trader O’s for pre spin class fuel.  Afterwards I just finished some leftover spinach from yesterday (that I mixed with flaxseed), and enjoyed some Almond Breeze as a drink.  This is when I realized I totally should have made a green monster (I have yet to make one!), oh well I guess next time.  I also picked on a couple raw veggies as I made breakfast and lunch for tomorrow:

Breakfast:  Two slices of spelt bread with 1 tbs. PB, and 1 tbs. blackberry TJ jam



And for lunch:  I didn’t know what to make and randomly decided on oatmeal lol…..so I prepared .5 cups oats, cinnamon, stevia, and raisins.  I’ll make it at work tomorrow since we have a kitchen, and I’ll top it with a sliced banana.  I also packed a small container of baby carrots, snap peas, and celery sticks, and a TJ cheese stick for snacks for the rest of the workday and before spin tomorrow night, which I’m looking forward to because one of my fav instructors is teaching it – for some reason I really love the routine he does the most.


Well, I can’t believe it is already Wednesday tomorrow! Crazyness!  I’m excited to hear that tickets for the summit will be going on sale soon!  Anddddddd…..I’m excited because the weather for this upcoming weekend is supposed to be so much nicer that it has been! : ) It’s about time!   Looking forward to it!  Does anyone have any exciting plans?!


– Ania