I didn’t know what to title this post lol, but I’m jamming to Keith Urban whom I loveeeee, so there you go! :  )  Nicole is one lucky gal.  

Anywho, wowwww I know I say how busy each day is, but jeeeezzzzz today was busy x 10.  I know I was flirting with time when I signed up for spin class at 6:30 this morning…knowing I had a 8:30 staff meeting this morning, and my commute being anywhere from 25 – 35 minutes.  Well, of course I went to spin lol which was FAB.  And then I literally got ready in 20 minutes.  Okay, maybe that’s not impressive to you….but I am known for my longgg, hotttt, showers.  Well, not today!   Impressed with myself, I took a 5 minute cold shower, dressed, grabbed all my stuff, sprinted to the subway where I justtttt missed my train. :  (    However, I caught the next one and sprinted from Grand Central to my building, and into my office with 5 minutes to spare : )  PERFECT.    The one downfall was that I didn’t get to enjoy my yummy TJ muffin for breakfast until after the meeting, and by then my muscles were screaming FEED ME ANIA!    

Anyways, it ended being almost a ten hour, nonstop workday……from the meeting and straight to my computer, work, work, work!  I really don’t like working while eating lunch, because I feel like I have to inhale my lunch in 5 minutes to get back to work at a quicker pace leaving my tummy feeling uncomfortable…. but I had sooo many things to get done and started on today.  Gotta do what you gotta do, the PR industry is many times unpredictable regarding workload, and whether or not we feel like chickens running around with our heads cut off.  But honestly, so far its been good : )  and not overly crazy – yet lol.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet up with Casey for lunch on her first day : (   Wish I had been able to!    I HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING FIRST DAY! : ) 

Finally, I had to tell myself to go home, I had been in the zone for hourssss, but what seemed like only 30 minutes.  Again, I guess thats a good thing.  I came home and made a yummy dinner…..

IMG_1252Two cage free eggs with spinach………..made into omelet form and wrapped in a TJ spinach wrap and hot sauce…..



                                                        I couldn’t help but dig in…..excuse the massive bite!


And then I had a little dessert concoction…………a scoop of probiotic vanilla yogurt, a huge scoop of ground flaxseed, a small banana, and a sprinkle of TJ Organic Granny Apple granola…..all mashed up!  YUM!  : ) 


If this concoction doesn’t help with digestion, jeez I don’t know what will!  The probiotic yogurt, the nana (overly ripe bananas aid in digestion!), the flaxseed (speaks for itself!), and the granola which has quite a bit of fiber in it – impressive……


Speaking of nanas……I pulled a sad, sad, looking naner out of the frig.  I have to defend it and say its perfectly good on the inside – don’t judge by outside appearance….ahhh a lesson every person can learn from a banana lol.  Well, it needs to be eaten either way asap….so tomorrow morning’s breakfast entails…..a cup of Trader Os, this poor looking nana, and some Almond Breeze.  


I don’t have to pack a lunch for tomorrow due to a “pizza lunch” at the office to welcome the new intern.  However, to add to my slice of pizza or for a later snack, I sliced up some orange goodness……


           Well, I’m off to do some of Polly’s yoga….. depending on how crazy tomorrow is going to be, hopefully I’ll catch you tomorrow night!  : ) 

– Ania