Evening everyone! My first day at work was exceptional! Everyone in the office was extremely nice and helpful. I still haven’t gotten into the groove of things yet because there’s still some training I have to do – but the day actually flew by.  And I’ve never worked a 9 – 5  job before!

In true Casey fashion, I was ultra paranoid about being late and left my house at 8 am. I arrived at 8:20. I felt like the loser who show’s up at the prom (with their cousin as their date)  at 7:30 when it starts at 8 and all the cool kids don’t get there until 9.  Oh well, I guess better to be too early than too late.

I walked around an explored the area – which happens to be a little neighborhood some like to call Herald’s Square in New York City. Ha. Okay, so it’s not so small. But I’m a Union Square/Upper East Side girl so I DID have to adjust myself.  I would have blogged this morning but I was too busy being 40 minues early for work.

The shining star of this morning’s breakfast was a Trader Joe’s Berry Mango Muffin. I LOVE these and got my pal Ania hooked =). Check out her review of the Carrot Ginger Oat Bran Muffins on our Product Reviews page.  These muffins are fantastic – moist, dense, and filled with wonderful fiber and nutrients. I typically slice the top of the muffin off and pair it with some kind of protein. I could easily eat the entire thing but I’m usually hungry about 15 minutes later. Okay maybe not 15 minutes, maybe 30.

I warmed the muffin in the oven for a few minutes and spread a little less than 1 tbsp of Natural Chunky Peanut Butter on top.

june22 001

Yes, that is a 101 Dalmations plate. It is my favorite plate (as well as my favorite Disney movie) ever. I realized I’m getting old when I brought the 101 Dalmations DVD for a girl I babysit to watch, and she was bored because “the graphics were terrible”.  She was 7. Maybe I’m not getting old but kids are just growing up fast. I actually spoke to a 5 year old about his retirement plan the other day. It involved coloring, Grilled Cheese, the Wiggles, and a 401 K.

I also had about 3/4 a cup of Friendship 1% Milkfat Cottage Cheese.

june22 002

It was a wonderful breakfast…

june22 003

Since I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen for lunch, I packed my own, plus a few snacks!

june22 005

The left-over sushi from Saturday night that Ania was supposed to take home! Sorry Ania! I figured somebody may as well eat it 😉

And a mixed salad in my awesome salad shaker container…

june22 006


june22 004

And a Trader Joe’s Nutty Chocolate Granola Bar and a banana for snacks.

june22 007

All of this was packed in my awesome lunch bag…

june22 008

Where do you think Shea was situated as I was preparing all of this?

june22 010

And TONIGHT…my wonderful boyfriend made me dinner. When I arrived, the table looked like this…

june22 011Isn’t he the greatest? This is also the greatest…

june22 013

He told me I had to sit down and immediately served me a yummy bowl of whole wheat pasta with his own specialty marinara sauce…

june22 014

SO delicious. Mark tooted his own egotistical horn and agreed.

Then we had this little altercation…

Me: Wow, I could get used to this.

Mark: Don’t.

What a sarcastic jerk.

Next up, the aforementioned sarcastic jerk made a plate for me of thinly sliced veal cutlet, with his own special marinade, topped with chopped balsamic tomato and mozzarella…

june22 015

They were AMAZING, but I could only eat one of them but Mark gladly put the other one to good use.  I also had some yummy salad on the side.

And now I am enjoying favorite meal of every day, dessert. A small serving of half  Slow-Churned Peanut Butter Cup and half Slow-Churned Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The best way to end any evening. I would take a picture, but I am lazy.

Mark and I are currently watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 – what is this huge announcement?!? They can’t get a divorce!

Oh, wait. I just noticed Jon got his ears pierced. Yes, they can.

Goodnight everyone!