Happy Father’s Day!  : )

At least there was an hour or so of sunshine today!   And then came the rain…..of course.

I WANNA BEACH DAY!!!!  : (  

Again, this was not a beach weekend whatsoever.  Evidently, April and June had a chat and decided to flip flop, because all this rain is supposed to = April Showers, NOT “let me ruin every weekend in June so far, so people can’t enjoy possible beach weather” showers!!!

But the weekend was fun nonetheless!

I believe I left you off with Casey and I going to Trader Joes post gym workout on Saturday.  By the time we reached TJs, we were hungry for dinner, so of course everything looked EXTRA good.

After getting hit on by a couple Trader Joe employees (which seems to be a normal occurrence during our TJ visits always – who knew guys could get so excited to direct you to the frozen vegetables…and I wasn’t aware how many times ‘Sweetie’ could exist in one sentence, until our cashier addressed us by this endearing phrase about 1000 times in one clause)…. we ended up getting a couple varieties of sushi and Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Vegetables with Balsamic Butter Sauce.  One of the sushi was carrot wrapped rather than seaweed, and it was sooo good….Case and I devoured them first!  

We picked up Mark some TJ chicken teriyaki for his wraps since he is a sushi hater (this is where everyone GASPS!!!)….Case and I both tasted a piece of it, and it was really good as well!  

Sorry no pictures, clearly we were too excited for dinner that the camera didn’t even make it out lol….

Well, despite having made a TJ run last weekend, of course I picked up a couple more things:


More naners, celery, snap peas, baby carrots, more PB which somehow did not make this picture lol, and two new varieties of cereal.  I always tend to come back with boxes of cereal after a TJ trip, even if I already have some boxes at home.  It’s just that the cereal at TJ is sooo reasonably priced, and the variety of kinds offered are soooo good!  I have yet to try these two….Organic Granny’s Apple Granola and Pomegranate and Blueberry Flakes and Clusters.  


After dinner we met up with Sal and Christine and the five of us went to see  The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds (hottie!) and Sandra Bullock.  Although it was predictable, I loved it.  I thought is was so funny, and would definitely recommend it! : ) 


This morning (Sunday), I woke up to this lovely breakfast:


A Trader Joe’s Blueberry Raspberry Oat Bran Muffin!   : )  It was delish, and perfect spin class fuel!  I’m not sure whether I like these or the Carrot Ginger muffins better, but the berry flavor was very yummy.

The rest of the day went as follows: Spin/gym……”to-do list”…..Lunch: Some Trader O’s with a banana and a little almond breeze, and also a slice of spelt bread with hummus and cherry tomatoes….back to my “to-do list”……..break/walk to the park/make phone calls/listen to IPOD/get caught in the rain without an umbrella (excellent)…….back to my “to-do list”……..


Then dinner time: 


Salad: greens, tomatoes, carrots, beets, flaxseed, and lite, northern italian w/ basil and romano dressing….and I also had a combination of vanilla probiotic yogurt,  ground flaxseed, & some of my new granola cereal…which tastes exactly like Granny Smith Apples…mmmmm!!!! : ) 

So tomorrow starts another work week – and Casey’s first day of work at her new summer job! : )  Relax and good luck!

I am having my other TJ muffin for breakfast tomorrow seeing that the morning is going to be super rushed……gym…shower…get ready in 2 minutes….early staff meeting…

And for lunch:  I was in another salad mood!  Greens, beets, carrots, celery, raisins, cheddar cheese, flax, and the same dressing I used tonight. 


And some Trader O’s that I will probably dig into towards the end of the day.



Alrighty!  I hope everyone had a FAB weekend!  : ) Catch ya later!

– Ania