Here I am back for Round 2 of my crazy Friday night of very little sleep. Last time I left you, I was this…

angelicascarnival 014

And by Saturday at 2 AM I was this….

angelicascarnival 028

Psh, NO, I am totally not staging a deep sleep for the sake of the blog.  Okay maybe I am. So how did this all happen?

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, Mark had volunteered to do “overnight security” at a local festival his family is really involved in. When I say volunteered I really mean he jumped at the opportunity because the pay-off is pretty sweet. Anyways, the festival is in the yard of a Catholic grammar school, all of the stands are left unattended overnight,  and for precautionary measures they hire somebody to just “keep an eye” on all this stuff.

Basically, the “overnight security” dude just pulls his car into the lot, locks the gates, and is supposed to stay awake all night and drive around the lot every hour to check up on all the entrances. Me being the wonderful friend and girlfriend that I am, offered to do this with him. Now, being locked in a carnival all by yourself did not seem to phase Mark.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been reading this blog, but if you started yesterday, you probably understand a bit about who I am, and would also understand that being locked in a carnival to me is like a kid being locked in….well, a carnival. This is what it looked like…

angelicascarnival 025

The night started with Mark’s cousin and his girlfriend hanging out with us for a bit.

angelicascarnival 018

Then they totally bailed on us headed home to get a good night’s sleep and Mark had to ask all of the remaining festival guests to leave so he could lock up. When I say the remaining guests, I mean this guy…

angelicascarnival 027

This is Eddie. Apparently he is an infamous figure at this festival and is known to be the very last one to leave. That is, after he has consumed every left-over plastic cup of beer. Yes, left-over from somebody else.  It took multiple times telling Eddie it was time to go until he actually stumbled his way out. And, unfortunately, that is NOT a shadow on the rear end of his pants.

Needless to say, we were happy to “clear the yard”. That is Mark standing by the gate looking very authoritative.

Mark: Eddie I’m sorry it’s really time to go. We’ve told you six times now.

Eddie: I…uhggggggggh…yeah leaving. Cab gotta come get me.

Mark: Yep. Uh-huh. Great Eddie, good night.

Eddie: Yah knnowww –

Mark: Bye Eddie.

Eddie: Oh.


Eddie: Umm..Uhh


Eddie: Ggggwhyy?

Mark: Now, Eddie.

Eddie: Oh.

It went on like this for a while. Eddie finally left, and Mark and I prepared for the night with two ginormous iced coffees. Mark was clearly wide awake and ready to go…

angelicascarnival 021

I sat co-pilot.

angelicascarnival 022

And no, I do not have a mullet, usually.

We sat and stared at each other like this for about an hour and boredom got to me and I had a snack…

angelicascarnival 038

Mark even likes these! It’s fun to share. Except that “sharing”  really meant I allowed Mark to have five (exactly five, I counted) and I devoured the rest. Finally Mark let me do what I was DYING all night to do.


angelicascarnival 029

angelicascarnival 030

angelicascarnival 033

Mark asked me if I was going for a “provocative” look in this picture. I really wasn’t at the time but now that I’m checking it out I totally pulled a Heidi Klum Pratt. Somebody should have shaved their underarms.

I then abused my boyfriend.

angelicascarnival 036

Haha. This is probably my favorite picture of the night.

I wanted to take a picture preforming on the grand-stand but when we got back into the car we totally neglected our job and ended up falling asleep. For three hours. At 4 am, I woke up and had to pee extremely bad. I woke Mark up and told him he had to accompany me. I am not afraid to admit how big of a scaredy-cat I am. I am probably more scared of being alone at night than Janice Dickinson is of eating a salad.

The bathroom is in the school and Mark walked me to the door and expected me to go into the huge, empty, wide-open for any creeper to lurk into, school all by myself. I laughed at his foolishness.

angelicascarnival 037

Seriously, does this look like a comfortable place to relieve yourself all on by your lonesome self?

Being the pushover fantastic best-friend that he is, he went into the building with me. I happily used the disguisting men’s room to save myself five extra feet of walking in the darkness.

The night continued as we slept stayed alert doing our job. I dreamt of a man coming into the yard and Mark and I fighting him together. The imaginary brawl rivaled that of a scene from Fight Club.  All I know is Mark had brass knuckles and I was taking swings harder than A-Rod on the juice. What a romantic dream. I woke up in a panic and Mark lovingly told me to shut up.

Or maybe he told me everything was fine and that I should go back to sleep. Hm. To each his own.

At 7am Mark woke me up and told me we could head out since the cleaning crew was there to relieve us. I headed home and slept until 12 p.m., the latest I have slept in probably two years. And it was glorious.

It is now Sunday morning, as well as Father’s Day, and I am about to enjoy eating this…

angelicascarnivalOne egg and one egg-white, scrambled with one slice low-fat cheese, and a 1/2 tbsp of cottage cheese for gooey-ness. I also had a TJ whole wheat tortilla on the side to make a bunch of mini-breakfast burritos.

I’m off to attend Shea’s first Basic Obedience class – only humans go the first class, no pups. How ironic. Tomorrow is my first day of work! Wish me well!


Even if you had no idea it was Father’s Day until I called you this morning.

– Case