So, it’s 12:19 p.m., I just woke up, and I am currently eating this…

angelicascarnival 039

Another one of my to-die-for (and literally I’d probably step in front of a moving bus) paninis. Same one as Thursday – cottage cheese, thinly sliced ham, and alpine lace on (maybe) 1/5 of a thin baguette. What a great way to start the day! This morning routine is only comparable to waking up on a Saturday, eating the bowl of Cocoa Krispies Grandma lovingly made for me, and sitting in front of the T.V. watching repeats of  Saved by the Bell. Okay, nothing beats that.

Anyways, you might be wondering WHY I arose at 12:15 p.m. this lovely Saturday morning. Well, in order to do that, we need to rewind. All the way back to yesterday evening…

angelicascarnival 001

At Angelica’s Kitchen!! My mother and I were in the city already, and since it was close to 5pm and we both hadn’t eaten lunch, I decided to give Ania a buzz and see if she was up for Angelica’s Kitchen. I was 99.9% sure she was going to say yes.  (I was right).

The description from their website ( explains it all…


I LOVE that they don’t use animal products, refined sugars, dairy, etc (even if I do eat them at home – sorry!). I also loved that all of the ignredients are less than 48 hours from being harvested!

We were very excited to be there. My momma with her new ‘do.

angelicascarnival 004

We are in the process of blackmailing her into doing a guest post. She literally spent the whole evening saying “I am going to KILL you if you put me on the internet!” This sounds familiar (coughMarkcough). And my reaction is also familiar.  Therefore, there will be plenty picture of Momma Mary in this post. Hi mom!

Ania was also very excited.

angelicascarnival 005

Please excuse her for her poor attire. Can you believe this bozo went to work dressed like that? Talk about office etiquette.

Hehe..totally kidding buddy. I would have never even noticed what she was wearing had she not been very apologetic for her shirt.

Ania and I decided to split everything. (Which would have happened even if we did not agree on doing so). We started with Angelica Cornbread

angelicascarnival 006

The “cornbread” was described as  “Rustic, whole grain slice (wheat free)”.

Casey’s Scoop

I give this 4 out of 5 scoops. It was really good with an interesting texture that made it fun to eat. I believe it was made with whole-grain rice(?) and this made it very chewy. The only downfall was that it really tasted nothing like cornbread.  But, obviously, I understand that it is just a substitution – and an excellent one at that!

Ania’s Scoop

I also give this 4/5 scoops………it definitely did not resemble cornbread at all, but was very delicious nonetheless.  The texture was very gumby/chewy and probably “weird” for most people, but when someone refers to something as weird — I usually love it!

For our main course, we ordered the Orchard Salad…

angelicascarnival 008

“Mesclun lettuces, apple, toasted pecans, dried bing cherries & sourdough croutons; tossed in a rosemary vinaigrette.”

Mesclun lettuces, apple, toasted pecans, dried bing cherries
& sourdough croutons; tossed in a rosemary vinaigrette.

Casey’s Scoop

I give this salad 4 out of 5 scoops. I love salads with a huge variety in flavors and textures – so this one was right up my alley with the sweet tastes of the apples and cherries, the crunch from the pecans and croutons, and the nice “pop” of the vinaigrette.  You could definitely tell that these ingredients were fresh.

Ania’s Scoop

I also give this salad 4/5 scoops. I love fruit in salads, especially dried cherries!  However, I really didn’t taste the rosemary dressing, although I hate when salads are drenched in dressing, so I preferred that there was less than more in this case.  Overall, the combo of unique ingredients and texture = one fab salad!  I agree with Case, def fresh ingredients!

Our second dish to share was one of the daily specials. Unfortunately, the “Daily Specials” menu is no longer up on the Angelica’s Kitchen website, but I can tell you it was a “pie” of sorts made of sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, spinach, lentils, cauliflower, and many more yummy, organic veggies.

angelicascarnival 007

Casey’s Scoop

I give this 4 out of 5 scoops. Just like the salad, I loved the variety of  flavors in here. I love almost every vegetable on this Earth, and when it is put all together in pie form – wow! The only thing I did not love was the overabundance of lentils in the plate. Perhaps they are for decor or the appearance that one is getting more food than they actually are (hello, this IS still America, no matter how organic a restaurant is).  I just felt they were unneccesary. Still delish though!

Ania’s Scoop

Oooo I give this 5/5 scoops! I love lentils, so the fact that they bombarded the plate was perfect with me!  : )  I too, am a veggie lovaaaaa, so the combo of all the veggies was right up my alley.  Casey basically named everything yummy in this “veggie pie,” except the beets that were in a light balsamic dressing and the “crust” of the pie which was spelt – mmmmm both awesome!  I think this should be a staple at the restaurant, rather than a special!

And finally, Zucchini Raisin Walnut Layer Cake with lemon frosting & filling (spelt)...

angelicascarnival 010

Casey’s Scoop

I give this 5 out of 5 scoops! It reminded me of Ania’s mother’s Apple Bread, but with a yummy frosting on top! I am usually NOT  a fan of frosting but somehow I absolutely loved this, maybe because it wasn’t too sweet?

Ania’s Scoop

DEF 5/5 scoops! It did remind me of your apple bread mom, but you bread still rocks my world.  This “spelt cake” was amazing thoughhhh!  I don’t like frosting either, but the lemon flavor to it was so “BAM!” that it worked …and it didn’t taste like the “chunky, artificial, ‘I want the flower on the birthday cake part!’, teeth dying frosting,” whatsover.  The bread/cake itself tasted like it was just made; soft, chewy, perfect!  Awesome combo of flavors! : )  Definitely a more healthy dessert = I only felt like I was indulging in dessert a little bit! ; )

Overall Scoop

Couldn’t have asked for a better dinner! The only MAJOR gripe I have with this place was the service. I hate when people who eat organic food or are vegetarian/vegan are stereotyped as hippies, yuppies, or just plain and simple: stuck-up. This is not always the case and I think many people tend to look down on eating organically because it is correlated with such a “snooty” stereotype.

However, Angelica’s Kitchen is completely REINFORCING this stereotype. Not just our waitress, but ALL of the staff we intreacted with was dull, stand-offish, un-interested, and pretty much could care less if we enjoyed our experience there. No suggestions were made, nobody came by to see how we were enjoying our meal, and we actually felt slightly uncomfortable even being there.

Usually, I would think I was overreacting but when my mother and Ania said they felt the same way, I knew I wasn’t crazy.  If I had anything positive to say, it would be that the food came quickly, although that does makes me wonder how far in advance it was prepared. The delicious food is the only thing that would keep me coming back here, but even that might be supressed by the terrible service.

Ania’s Scoop

Yeah, I second Case.  I was weary about bashing the service (it remained unmentioned in the previous post! lol), but I did feel like I was surrounded by zombies, especially our waitress – which does stink because honestly the waiter/waitress can really add the overall experience.  However, bottom line – the food was delicious and in the end that is the reason why we went there!  I had been looking at the menu for weeks beforehand hahaha….and I know what I want the next time I go as well!!! Def worth it! : )

angelicascarnival 009

When the bill came, Ania offered to pay, after having a successful night working the streets.

Kidding. I mean, what skilled street-worker would wear THAT shirt?!

Love you, Ania, for still being friends with me.  Sorry Ania’s mom!

Actually – the bill ended up being only $56 –that is including two orders of bread, three entrees, and dessert. Definitely a steal for New York City, and even more so for organic food.

angelicascarnival 017

Ania and I finally got a picture together. Unfortunately, I had a huge growth on my chin, aka my “PMS pimple” so here I am in my sly pose, trying to cover it up. Honestly, my pimple should have had his own entree. On second thought, his own table. I didn’t dare ask Waitress-No-Smiles for this accommodation.

OK Ania here…..I must say…why do I look absolutely exhausted in all these pics?!?!  (This is where everyone scrolls back up to view all the photos of me and takes notice of the huge bags under my eyes, and the fact I can barely keep them open, and takes note that it looks like I’m ready to fall off my chair in every shot lol) Luckily no one can see the stain on my shirt!!! (which yes I know I just revealed)

Here is me with my mother…

angelicascarnival 015

Now I must explain, my mother is not a pirate. She just has a very unique problem of not being able to keep both eyes open when a picture is taken of her. Trust me, we have taken hundreds of pictures in an attempt to catch both of those suckers open at the same time.  The above picture is proof. I quickly came up with a solution to this problem…

angelicascarnival 016

Alright, I probably can’t follow her around 24/7 and provide this service for her. But if you ask me, this picture is probably the most attractive and flattering picture both of us could ever hope for. Don’t be mad, you asked for it, Mom.

Well, this post has taken far too long already, and as I have said before – I have a serious case of ADD. It is actually a miracle I have made it thus far without giving up. You can be sure, however, that I got up mutliple times, called several people, and re-adjusted my seating position 18 times. I promise, promise, promise to be back soon with a continuation of my night, and a full explanation of why I arose at 12:15 p.m.

Ania and I are off for a joint workout session, followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s. We will certainly provide a wonderful recap of our afternoon sometime soon! Have a great Saturday!

Ania here again….unfortunately Casey has encountered 8,504,850 obstacles driving to my place = me being able to complete this post!  : )   Ooooo, she’s here!  Perfect timing!  Time to break a sweat at the gym and then straight to Trader Joes!!!……maybe it’s a good thing we won’t be showering….our lovely aromas will clear the busy crowds at TJ perhaps!  Ok, that was gross – I apologize….hahaha….  Hey, priorities first = Trader Joe’s! Duh!

Catch ya later! : )

– Case & Ania